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Avoid Using Paper Towels to Clean These 4 Items

NEVER use paper towels to clean these items if you do not want to end up regretting it!

When it comes to paper towels, we have become a bit dependent on them, even for the smallest of things. Think about it like this: if you end up spilling something on the counter, you’re reaching for the paper roll; if you want to wipe something down or swipe, you end up reaching for this paper product to get the task done. But is this the right way to go about dealing with them?

With paper towels, it seems like there are a lot of things that we can do with them, but in reality, there is a chance that we just rely on them even in moments when we do not need to do it.

We all remember the times when they ended up being a hot commodity due to their scarcity, but nowadays it seems like no matter what we want to clean up using paper towels at any point—mirrors, dressers, bathrooms, spills—if anything needs to be wiped down, then we’ll reach for them!

However, overly relying on paper towels can also be wasteful, not to mention how expensive it can get, and you can end up ruining some of your things if you only use paper towels to clean certain items!

Believe it or not, paper products are not the best ones when it comes to the number of items, and you can end up doing more harm than good and, in the long run, even damaging your items!

If you are curious about what items you should stop cleaning with paper towels unless you want to replace them soon, keep reading! We’ll also share what you should be using instead, so the swap can be easily made.

Have you ever wondered why paper towels seem to not work as well on certain items? Let us know your cleaning stories in the comments below!

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Plates and cups

Yes, you read that right! When it comes to getting some of the unused plates and cups from the cupboard because you have more guests over, paper towels are not the path you should be going down. It is not eco-friendly since you will probably need a lot of paper towels to wipe down all the dust from all the items, but it is also potentially harmful to your health.

Just wiping down dust can end up not being extremely effective when it comes to cleaning your plates and other unused cutlery and tableware, leaving particles on the surface that you will end up eating with your meal, but you are also just spreading the dust around. Sure, some of it will remain on the paper towel, but most of it will end up in the air.

A great way to avoid all of this is to use a damp kitchen towel to freshen up those mugs and plates, or even to just rinse them with water and leave them out to air dry before you use them!

Your hands when you are cooking

Speaking of using paper towels in the kitchen, we all use them to wipe our hands when cooking. After all, it is very easy to grab a hold of the roll and wipe your greasy, wet, or sticky fingers before going on to the next step. However, they are not the best choice when it comes to cooking. If you are putting together a bigger meal, you can end up wasting a lot of paper towels, as we are all prone to forgetting we got one or just throwing it out after barely touching it.

Instead of relying too much on paper towels, keep a kitchen towel around or get into the habit of using an apron! We are sure you have one lying around in a cupboard or something of the sort, and it is high time you make use of it. They are great not only for protecting your clothes while you cook from any stray splatters, but they are also good to use when you need to wipe your hands.If

you need to, rinse your fingers or wash them if they are too sticky or greasy, then wipe the excess water on your apron before you go to the next step. This will not only save you from having to purchase tons of paper towels but also help you make use of all the items in your kitchen.

paper towels
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Rugs and carpets

Imagine this scenario: you accidentally spill some soda, wine, or sauce onto the carpet, and your first instinct is to reach for the paper towels to soak up the excess moisture before it gets deeper into the fibers of the rug! While this may seem like a good idea, you are actually doing a disservice to your carpet.

When you end up wiping spills from the fiber with paper towels or paper napkins, all you are doing is actually leaving paper residue on the rugs, and you are not doing as good of a job as you may think. This is especially true when it comes to scrubbing stains out of the material with paper products!

Another problem that you can end up encountering due to using paper products to scrub out stains is that you will push the lint deeper into the carpet’s fibers, which will make vacuuming even more of a hassle.

Instead of going toward the paper items, reach out for a dry, clean cloth to soak up all the excess liquid before letting the area dry. Then vacuum.

For the stains left behind, use a sponge instead of a paper towel; that way you will avoid the problems we have mentioned before, it will be more gentle with your rugs, and it will be more effective when it comes to getting the stain out and not leaving behind a mess of wet paper!

A great carpet cleaner you should keep on your radar is Resolve Professional Strength Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner, which you can easily purchase on Amazon!

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Mirrors and windows

Who hasn’t been convinced that using Windex and paper towels will leave any reflecting surface as clean as it’s ever been? After all, it is easy to use the mirror and window cleaner and then use a paper towel to wipe down the excess cleaner and grime. It is easy and convenient, and you’re done in a matter of minutes.

Yet, house cleaners have warned against this method, and the reasoning behind it is solid!

There are other methods that are actually way more effective than the old paper towels, and they are also more environmentally friendly in the long run! You can easily use a microfiber cloth to do the wiping, as they are better absorbents and have the perk of being reusable!

Paper towels will leave behind lint from the composition of the product, and they also disintegrate when they come in contact with water, while microfiber clothes are particularly designed to absorb water and not leave anything behind!

If you do not want to invest in microfiber cloths or they are all in the wash and you need one, you can easily use a paper bag or a newspaper; it will get the job done just as well and not leave behind any residue!

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