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14 Low-Cost and Quick Home Projects You Can Finish in a Day

Give your space a facelift with these simple and beautiful quick home projects!

Is your home deteriorating because you think you simply don’t have the time to spruce it up? Well, think again —Wipe And Organize is here for ALL your home improvement needs!

All you need is a day, a few supplies, and a design dream, and you already have everything you need to breathe fresh life in some of your rooms. So, stick with us as we look at 14 stunning and quick home projects you can finish in 24 hours or less!

One day and a bit of imagination is all that you need!

Quick Home Project
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Use fabric to spice things up

For this quick home project, you can put some of your favorite budget-friendly fabric to work by dressing up an awkward corner, alcove, or entryway. Attach it to the wall using some fabric starch to create a winning wallpaper that guests can’t help but stop to admire.

The beauty’s on the inside

With only a lampshade kit, cheap wall stencils, and a fabric you like, you can create a quick home project using a herringbone-patterned interior that will add a stunning pop of style to your bedroom or living room.

Use a metallic pen to stencil whichever pattern you prefer onto the styrene sheet that comes with the lampshade kit, then attach the sticky side of the styrene to a length of material.

Connect the fabric-covered styrene to the lampshade ring, fold the exposed fabric over the inside ring, and glue the fabric in place. All you have to do now is mount the shade on a lamp needing an upgrade, then switch on the light to be impressed by the embellished interior.

Wood flooring does wonders

For a match made in quick home project heaven, pair a hardwood bedroom floor with a complementary accent wall created from engineered wood flooring.

Simply install some wide planks on the wall behind your bed to bring a rustic sensibility to an industrial-chic headboard made of plumbing pipes and an old-school typewriter table-turned nightstand.

Charming bookends

Leftover cardboard can be converted into numerous decorative items, from floor protectors to storage containers. But here’s one possibility even avid DIYers may have yet to consider: modern bookends.

For this quick home project, all you have to do is carve an old cardboard shoebox into several diamond cutouts, which you can find online and print. Then, tape them and fold them into a mold.

Place it inside a bucket and fill it to the brim with some premixed concrete. Once the concrete has dried, peel away the cardboard to unveil a concrete bookend in a geometric design that’s perfect for any book lover’s bookshelf.

Geometric adhesives for refrigerators

Nowadays, long-lasting and removable wallpapers present a simple solution for adding a touch of class to a cold and uninviting refrigerator while hiding any superficial flaws.

We recommend choosing a wallpaper with a wipeable satin finish to make kitchen cleanup more effortless, and this quick home project could last for years.

When picking a pattern for it, consider geometric or abstract designs that lend a sense of playfulness to one of the hardest-working appliances in your kitchen.

Perk up your throw blankets with pom-poms

Some simple additions to everyday accents you already own can lead to the best quick home projects for your living spaces. For instance, we found a playful twist on an ordinary throw blanket.

You can give your blankets a touch of style by making homemade tassels or pom-poms out of white yarn and sewing them along the border of a blanket in an alternating pattern. This easy alteration turns a dull living room sofa into a striking statement.

Upgrade your pots

Adding a bit of variety to an indoor garden can be as easy as moving your plants into some colorful and chic containers of unexpected materials.

For this quick home project, you can mimic the look of pricier store-bought planters at a fraction of the cost by hiding ordinary looking pots inside bargain wicker baskets, for instance.

Set them at the entry of your living room, and the rustic planters will make a beautiful and bold addition to a high-traffic area of your home.

Quick Home Project
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Fantastic moldings

Are bare windows leaving your walls looking stark and cold? Well, for this next quick home project, you can transform your windows, and the rest of the room, with some trim.

Add decorative molding to the sides and top of the window and a sill to the base for a polished and classic look. Complete this quick task with “barely there” curtains that will provide sufficient privacy while letting in lots of sunlight.

Seamless tiles

Is old, discolored grout prematurely aging in your home? Well, boy have we got a quick home project for you! Removing and reapplying grout in a bathroom, kitchen, or entryway is easy if you use a grout renewal product to lift the stains.

The good news is that the entire process will only set you back a day, and the results can turn back the clock by an entire decade!

Adorable pendant

Brightening a gloomy corner has never been easier! Instead, you can swap a builder-grade light for a low-effort, high-impact luminary version.

All you have to do with this quick home project is to thread a lamp cord through a wire garden orb, then attach a bundle of socket splitters you’ve spray painted to make an industrial pendant light that doesn’t even cost very much.

Just remember to stay safe when working with electric wiring, and call an electrician to help you with jobs that are too dangerous for DIY projects.

Out-of-the-box ideas for extra storage

While we’ll admit that baskets and plastic bins have their own special place, we found an even more creative way to beat clutter, and it’ll barely cost you a dime. This quick home project all begins with some cardboard.

By spray-painting a cardboard box and using hot glue to attach some rope around the perimeter, you can create stylish storage in mere minutes. You can even give this creation an extra bit of oomph by applying patterned adhesive paper to the base of your box.

Bring the Louvre into your home

If you’re an art lover and can’t get to Paris to visit the Louvre, enjoy works of art from the comfort of your own home by installing your very own gallery wall. Begin this quick home project by choosing an ample stretch of wall for your display.

Transform it into a scenic backdrop by painting it dark grey or navy, or leave it a calming white, then cover it with a wide selection of your favorite prints of works or cherished originals from famous artists.

Radiance in your home

Are you not getting enough light in one of your rooms? You can brighten up the space with a sunburst mirror you’ve created yourself!

Even though it’s technically nothing more than a circular cutout, an ordinary round mirror, with some wood shims arranged in a starburst pattern, can turn into a quick home project that comes to life with a dash of gold spray paint. It’ll brighten up any dark corner of your home.

Quick Home Project
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The best entryway on the block

Some sturdy hardware and high-contrast color make for a quick home project for your doorway that commands… and deserves attention.

Create your show-stopping entryway by pairing navy, maroon, grey, black, or bright white with metallic door knobs and fixtures that will add texture and delight anyone who walks through your door.

What did you think of all these ideas? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Meanwhile, if you liked this article, you might enjoy reading about 10 Paint-Free Wall Decorating Ideas That Don’t Break the Bank

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