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4 Ways You Ruin Your Clothes Without Realizing

Can you believe that you may ruin your clothes without realizing it? 

Everyone has a well-established routine for doing their laundry. But there are still some things you’re probably not aware of and are doing completely wrong. The list of chores that might really harm your clothing is far larger and includes things like measuring detergent, zipping your garments, and other things you don’t think about.

Make sure you follow along with our helpful guide to discover the best practices for a professional washing routine so you can keep your clothes as new and good-looking as possible. Let’s start with the first one:

Ruin Your Clothes Without Realizing
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You forget about zipping clothes before washing

When washing your coats or pants, you most likely never gave your zippers any thought. Am I right? If the answer is yes, then the next time you do laundry, keep in mind that all zippers—whether made of metal or plastic—have sharp teeth that can rip through clothing and damage the washing machine’s drum.

Higher temperatures also have the potential to break it, so before throwing any clothing in the washing machine, be sure to zip up any items with zippers. For safety’s sake, wash the material by hand if it’s too fragile.

You use a random quantity of laundry detergent

Unbelievably, I am one of the many people who frequently make this error. We frequently overlook measuring the precise amount needed for the washing cycle when we’re pressed by time. Adding excessive amounts of detergent (liquid or powder) might seriously harm the appliance, and also result in dirty clothes. Use the measuring jug you have the next time you do laundry!

Another small tip is that you should never fill the washing machine because the rinsing process won’t be done properly and your clothes will smell a tad funkier afterward.

You forget to sort the laundry

All of your light-colored clothing has to be washed apart from your dark-colored ones. It’s also important to remember to separate them according to materials in as well. Certain items, such as blouses and skirts, belong to the delicate category and normally need particular care or can only be hand-washed.

To prevent sweater fuzz on your dress or pants, another laundry trick is to separate your garments into those that produce lint and those that attract it. To be honest, I wish I had known this information back in the day. It would have helped me to keep intact some of my dearest clothes that I ruined by being clumsy.

Additionally, make sure you always wash bedding, towels, and linens apart from clothing. To eliminate the bacteria, it is advised that you wash all the towels at 60 or 90 degrees!

…psst! Do you struggle with sorting your laundry due to having only a large basket? I am here to help of course. I just found this 3 section laundry bag organizer for the three categories of clothes dark, white, and colored. Easy to move around because it has wheels I’d say you buy it. It cost just $39.99. 

Ruin Your Clothes Without Realizing
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You don’t pay attention to the washing symbols

…Because you’re probably cutting them right after you buy the clothes, right? No worries; I used to do that too. But if you love that dress you just bought, you must respect these symbols. Following certain “instructions” when doing laundry may seem strange, but they are teaching you how to wash and care for each item correctly so that it can have a long lifespan.

Some labels may indicate that the material is not meant to be laundered in a washing machine; if you disregard them, the clothes may get ruined.

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