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5 Clever Ways to Give Your Trash a Second Chance

Can you give your trash a second chance? Experts say so! 

If we want to take care of our planet, it is super important to be mindful of all the trash that we throw away. For example, before rushing to the nearest bin to dispose of an empty bottle of wine, think about how you can turn it into something useful in your household (you will see how if you read the whole article).

Reusing things that might normally end up in the garbage may both support the environment and save you money by slowing down the consequences of global warming.

I’m confident this is a win-win situation, so I hope I have convinced you to keep reading because it’s worth it. So without any more chit-chat, with the help of some experts, I managed to create a nice list of all the things that can be repurposed. Give your trash a second chance by following these handy tips:

give your trash a second chance
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Soap ends

For many of us, all these nasty soap ends are nothing but another item to throw into the bin. But what if I tell you this can change? One of the first ways to give your trash a second chance is by simply gathering all of it, putting it in a drawstring bag, and reusing it as a washcloth.

You don’t have a drawstring mesh bag on hand? No worries! Garlic sacks or other mesh-produced bags work nicely for this kind of work. In this way, you can use the tiny soap fragments to make a little soap scrubber.

Packaging bags

Although certain trash bags may be recycled, the entire package ends up in the closest landfill when they are used to gather non-recyclable waste and then thrown away.

Experts advise us to attempt repurposing packing bags, such as fruit and bread bags from the grocery store, into little garbage can liners at home. If you want a bigger size, pet food or cat litter bags make an excellent alternative. It’s better than purchasing a brand-new item just to throw it in the garbage, right?

Furthermore, another way to give your trash a second chance is to convert the packaging bags into a “home” for seedlings. To help preserve moisture, place seed pots indoors. When the seeds start to sprout and get too big, just transfer them outdoors and start over with a free batch.

Plastic containers

Despite being made of recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), plastic food and beverage packaging, such as yogurt containers, milk jugs, and vegetable tubs, nevertheless harms the environment.

Try to reuse plastic containers in the following ways to help prevent environmental pollution: To keep your wardrobe orderly, you may use plastic tubs—like the ones that mushrooms come in—as drawer dividers.

You can also use small yogurt containers to make molds for popsicles. And you know what? I remembered I have some in my kitchen drawers, so I know what I’ll be doing tonight!

Turn an empty milk jug into a handy gardening tool. Due to their portability and ability to be filled with water without spilling, they make great watering cans.

Looking for a reusable grocery bag for all your shopping spree sessions? I got you covered! This pack of six reusable foldable bags is available on Amazon for only $19.99.

You’re going to pay a bit now but think about how many times you can use them, then use them again, and so on. So you will save more in the long run. I just bought mine; what are you waiting for? 

give your trash a second chance
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Gift and packing materials

Every time you receive a gift and you’re throwing out perfectly fine gift wrap, then… no, let’s not go back to it. Every year, the US produces more than 4.6 million pounds of present wrapping paper, of which around half end up in landfills. And that’s awful!

You only need to be extra cautious when you unwrap your gifts. You may easily reuse tissue paper, gift bags, ribbons, and packaging from gifts you’ve received. Try to tear the wrapping paper slowly, and use scissors if necessary, rather than ripping it.

Wine bottles

You can reuse wine bottles in a variety of ways, such as making soap dispensers out of them or using them as DIY candle holders, to contribute to reducing the enormous amount of wine bottles that wind up in the environment.

How do you give your trash a second chance? Tell me in the comments.

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