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Secrets to a Home That Always Smells Wonderful

Do you want a home that always smells wonderful? 

“But there is nothing wrong with the way my home smells.” Consider this statement: While many may agree, taking a moment before concluding is important.

For example, my house mostly smells OK, so it doesn’t bother me but somehow, after a lengthy trip to the food store, I get home, and it smells like I’ve never smelled my place before. Hey, I ask myself, is it easy for my guests to detect the smell of my pets and the bacon I fried this morning? Yikes!

If this happens to you too, with the help of the experts, let’s embark on a mission that will help us have a home that always smells wonderful.

home that always smells wonderful
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Change the bedsheets as often as possible

The rule with the bedsheets is the same as with your garments: you should never wear them daily because chances are that you’ll start to stink no matter how often you take showers. Bedsheets may accumulate a lot of oil and perspiration over time, and often, only your visitors are going to notice the unpleasant smell.

To soften them and break down body oils, replace your sheets regularly. To help with this, add a cup of vinegar to your laundry. The smell of vinegar will go away after the sheets are dried, so don’t worry about it.

Don’t leave wet laundry in the washing machine

Ugh! Everybody hates this task, including myself, but what can we do? If you want a home that always smells wonderful, take care of your wet laundry as soon as the washing machine ends its cycle.

The clothing will smell moldy, and cleaning the inside of your washing machine will take some time and several cycles to entirely remove the bad smell. As quickly as the washer dings, do yourself a favor and move your wet items to the dryer (or hang them outside to dry).

Don’t close the door of your washing machine too soon

It goes without saying that when you’re using it, you need to keep it closed. When you’re not, though, I advise leaving the door open to prevent moisture buildup, unpleasant smells in your clothes, and, of course, mold.

Never leave your guests smoking in the house

I know that you must be a nice host and make everybody feel good, but if you want a home that always smells wonderful, you should ask your guests to smoke outside or on an open balcony. The smoke from regular cigarettes or vape pens will get into the ventilation system and get stuck there, and it will be very hard to remove it.

Furthermore, smoking in the house can also damage the paint on the walls, turning them into a yellowish hue.

Never toss the food in the kitchen trash bin

If you want to have a home that always smells wonderful steer clear of throwing food in your kitchen bin. However, if you must do that temporarily, place the food into a plastic bag and securely seal it shut. I’d also advise you to throw away meat scraps or other strong-smelling food, such as fish, and take it straight to the outside bin!

Scrub the garbage bin

Use dish soap and water to give your recycling and trash cans a thorough cleaning. And of course, as mentioned earlier, try to dispose of items with unpleasant odors outside the house or at least seal them in bags if you can’t get rid of them immediately.

Clean your fridge more often

When it comes to maintaining a home that always smells wonderful, another golden rule is to clean your fridge as often as possible. Surprisingly, your refrigerator is most likely the source of several bad smells. Luckily, the nasty scents may be greatly reduced by cleaning it out once a week or twice a month.

I also add an amount of baking soda to the mixture to absorb any other unpleasant odors and make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.

Unclog the drain

Try to keep in mind that both a conventional drain and a garbage disposal are great places for germs, which frequently results in a stinking kitchen. As a result, you should clear your drain using a specialized solution as soon as possible, preferably before the foul odors fill the entire living space. When it comes to garbage disposal, develop the routine of putting a lemon slice through it every few days.

Are you looking for a drain clog remover that you can use without the help of a skilled plumber? Look no further, because I am here to help you. While I was browsing on Amazon, I found this Anti-Break Drain Snake Sink Clog Cleaner with Stainless Steel Wire that cost only $8.99. The pack contains three pieces of drain snakes. 

home that always smells wonderful
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Open your windows regularly

This should be the first golden rule if you want to have a home that always smells wonderful! Besides cleaning your living space regularly, don’t forget to open the windows and leave them like that for at least half an hour.

Make a habit of opening your windows after you wake up and before bed. This is when the air is particularly refreshing, and if you have a fan, you may utilize it to improve air circulation.

Don’t leave your towels hanging after you shower

If you have a laundry room, a balcony, or a backyard where the sun shines, you may hang your damp towels to dry there instead of leaving them hanging in the bathroom. Not only will your towels smell good, but so will your bathroom.

Always wash your kitchen towels at 90 degrees and add bleach

Has there ever been a time when you cleaned your hands after visiting family and then smelled them afterward and felt sick to your stomach? This might be because towels for the kitchen and bathroom need to be washed at higher temperatures using bleach or alternatives to bleach.

Food buildup on kitchen towels and napkins can lead to bacteria growth and musty odors. Keep these lines in mind next time you’re going to wash your towels.

Do you have a pet? Clean the litter box regularly

If you’re fortunate enough to live with a cat, give the litter box just as much thought as the animal itself. Additionally, make an effort to remember to scoop after the cats go, or if that isn’t feasible, make an effort to scoop every day.

Wash your shoes frequently

The popularity of washable shoes is growing. Check the washing instructions to determine whether your pair can be washed; you’ll be surprised at how much this will improve the general smell of your house. After washing them, let them air dry for a few days in the sun, and apply foot sprays.

Additionally, put them somewhere to dry after wearing them for longer than ten hours at a time. To keep odors away, you may do it on your balcony. What are your secrets to a home that always smells wonderful? Tell me in the comments.

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