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5 Outdated Cleaning Tasks You Can Ditch Right NOW!

These are the most outdated cleaning tasks you should skip next time you are cleaning your home!

Cleaning your house is not the most fun activity, but did you know that there are some outdated cleaning tasks that you can ditch and make your life easier? When it is finally time to tackle dust bunnies and neglected corners, you can use these tips to your advantage.

A lot of homeowners spend hours cleaning windows, scrubbing carpets, and organizing every cupboard in the house, and in the end, they say they don’t feel like they get the desired result.

There is a smarter way to do all of these, and we are here to tell you more about the secrets of professional cleaners. They say that the following cleaning tasks are a waste of time. Leave them behind and get ready to relax your weekends and establish a more efficient cleaning routine that will actually help you have that spotless home you wish for.

outdated cleaning tasks
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1. Carpet shampooing by yourself

When you start tidying your home, you know that you will need to clean those dusty carpets, but according to cleaning experts, DIY carpet shampooing can be more trouble than it’s worth.

Let’s get real: You will never be able to remove those stubborn stains that have been there for ages by yourself. When you take your carpets to a professional cleaner, you can be sure they will use powerful cleaning solutions and special techniques that are specifically made to clean those tough stains.

What makes this one of the most outdated cleaning tasks is mainly the fact that it is a time-consuming task. This laborious process will take you hours, if not days. You will also need heavy tools, and with all of this, you will still get tired no matter what.

But most importantly, it means that you will risk carpet damage. Maybe you think that if you rent a carpet cleaning machine, you are all set, but if you don’t know how to use it properly, you are at risk of damaging it.

2. Cleaning behind the fridge

Yes, you need to carefully clean every corner of your house from time to time, and you will contort yourself into awkward positions trying to reach some of the most inaccessible places, but there is one spot that makes all of this one of the most outdated cleaning tasks.

We are talking about cleaning behind the fridge. But how can this be one of the outdated cleaning tasks? Wouldn’t the dust affect the performance of your fridge? Not really. Instead, trying to pull the heavy fridge forward can actually damage the nearby furniture, such as cabinets, and even the flooring.

Maybe you would be surprised by this, but the main reason this is one of the more outdated cleaning tasks is that the area behind your fridge rarely accumulates tons of dust. Unless you have experienced a pest problem, this area is generally pretty clean. This means you need to do just the regular vacuuming, and you are good to go. This is all the attention it needs.

3. Cleaning the exterior windows

You want those sparkling windows, but is this something you can achieve when you are cleaning the house by yourself? It can be, but not for long. During the spring, your windows will look messy, and there is not much you can do about it.

The pollen season makes cleaning exterior windows one of the most outdated cleaning tasks because, when you wash them during peak pollen season, they will attract a brand new layer of yellow dust in no time. All your efforts will be in vain, and this can be incredibly frustrating for some.

Another thing that adds up is that spring weather is unpredictable, and surprise rain showers and random gusts of wind are a rather common occurrence. All of these will mess up your windows quickly, and in the end, all your hard work will be negated.

What you can do is just wait until the start of the summer. This is the only guaranteed way to have those shiny windows you are dreaming about. The summer is hot and dry, which means your windows will remain clean and sparkle for longer.

4. Too much decluttering

Generally, people feel like decluttering during the spring. It might be a combination of all the factors that make us feel good during that time, from the weather to nature coming back to life, but too much decluttering is not the best idea.

Doing this job by yourself and targeting the whole house is part of the outdated cleaning tasks, and we advise you to avoid doing this as much as possible because, in the end, it is going to be a waste of time.

When you have a whole house to declutter, you may start to feel discouraged, which might stall your entire cleaning process. As a strategy, professional cleaners are recommended to start decluttering the high-traffic areas first and then try to clean the areas where clutter tends to accumulate, such as the kitchen counter or the closets.

Another thing that might help is the “touch and reflect method.” You take an item, look at it, and ask yourself, “When was the last time I used it?” Then try to figure out if that item brings you joy. Be honest with the answers, and we assure you that this will make the decluttering process easier.

Small steps are the key to an efficient declutter, and they will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed. Keep in mind that you don’t have to throw away all the items you no longer need. You can donate some of them and even recycle them.

outdated cleaning tasks
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5. Meticulously organizing every drawer and cupboard

This is another time-consuming trap you don’t want to fall into, and this is why it is one of the most outdated cleaning tasks. We all have those “junk drawers,” but is it really worth it to meticulously organize them?

You need to find an organizing system that suits your lifestyle. Try something that can be maintained in the long run, and don’t lose yourself in the spiral of organizing everything too much.

Focus on cleaning and organizing the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, bathroom, and other high-traffic areas where this organization will have a real impact and will help with daily functionality.

Don’t spend too much time organizing items that you only use once per year. You can use that time to do something else and finish cleaning the house faster. There are many tasks out there that have a higher impact on the freshness and hygiene of your home.

Every time you decide to refresh your home and clean around, remember to not spend too much time on these outdated cleaning tasks. Time is a valuable resource, and even if you want a spotless home, you can still achieve that without spending days in a row cleaning.

Focus on deep cleaning the areas around your home that truly need it, such as the bathroom and kitchen, and don’t get frustrated that your exterior windows are not sparkling and that you have a couple of messy drawers.

Learn to develop an efficient cleaning routine and say goodbye to all the outdated cleaning tasks.

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