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5 Clever Wrapping Paper Storage Ideas to Eliminate Clutter

These wrapping paper storage ideas will help you say “Goodbye” to all that clutter!

Wrapping gifts, especially around the holidays, can become a fun hobby to help you get in the spirit of giving. But storing all those extra rolls of wrapping paper can be a pain! They’re bulky, space-consuming, can tear quickly, and they’ll unravel so fast you can’t keep up.

That’s why our wrapping paper storage ideas will come in handy to keep you organized when it’s time to do some gift wrapping. You’ll eliminate the clutter and store wrapping paper in a stylish way that keeps it easily accessible and prevents any damage!

But the best part? Only a few of our solutions are store-bought, specifically for wrapping paper. You can get everything under control by merely using a few items you already have lying around the house.

So what are we waiting for? These 5 clever wrapping paper storage ideas offer creative, space-saving, and inexpensive solutions to create a beautifully organized craft room.

Wrapping Paper Storage Idea
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Use tall laundry hampers

A laundry hamper’s tall and lightweight structure makes it the perfect wrapping paper storage idea. It only takes up a little space and is easy to tuck away.

The built-in handles are convenient for moving it around, and if you have a large collection, you can use multiple hampers and divide the gift wrap by style.

Hang your wrapping paper on tension rods

If you’ve been dreaming of setting up a craft corner with all the things you need to wrap a fantastic gift, remember to also make room for the addition of some tension rods. Pile them one over another so you can easily see each one and have them ready to roll when you are.

The best part about this wrapping paper storage idea is that you can roll out the amount you need without removing them from the rods. All you have to do is pull to your preferred length and glide a sharp pair of scissors across the roll to make your cut.

Use a pegboard

A pegboard offers flexibility and provides a creative way to maximize your wall space in a craft or sewing room. If you don’t have either of those, the garage can work as well.

All you have to do is attach a bunch of hooks on the pegboard, one on top of the other, to store your wrapping paper rolls above your workspace. This keeps all the rolls easy to access, it doubles as a colorful display, and your worktop will be clutter-free as an added bonus!

Hang a storage organizer

In the interest of organization and saving time, it only makes sense to store all your tape, ribbon, bows, and scissors alongside gift wrapping paper for all occasions.

An over-the-door organizer is the perfect wrapping paper storage idea to create extra space without adding a bulky cabinet.

It’s generally made from sturdy material and lightweight for easy hanging. This ensures you always have your rolls neatly tucked away. Here’s one of our favorites from Amazon: Hanging Gift Bag Storage Organizer

Wrapping Paper Storage Idea
Photo by New Africa at Shutterstock

Make them stand in woven baskets

Similar to the laundry hamper wrapping paper storage idea, this one is more chic! If you’re limited on space or working with a small budget, pick up a woven basket that’s on clearance at Target, Walmart, the Dollar Store, or anywhere else you can think of.

Just be sure you choose a basket that’s tall enough. This way, your rolls will stand up straight and stay neat. We especially love this idea because it’s easy to pluck them out when you need to wrap something and slide it back when you’re done.

For optimal organization, fit them in corners or other empty spaces under counters, like laundry rooms or offices.

Can you think of any other wrapping paper storage ideas we haven’t listed here? Be sure to let our readers know about them in the comments below.

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