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11 Tricks on How To Keep Your Clothes Sparkling

Do YOU know how to keep your clothes sparkling?

We have all been there, making that huge mistake of forgetting a white piece of clothing between the colored ones, and then the horror happened: some color from the batch leaked in the wash and stained your white t-shirt. And if that one was among your favorites, you had to say goodbye to it since it got ruined. If this happens to you, don’t worry! Here at Wipe and Organize we deliver clever and effective solutions for all the household issues you might encounter.

Besides following the golden rule of separating whites from black and colored clothes, some simple tricks can help you keep your clothes sparkling white even after you wash them so many times. Let’s take a look at them:

keep your clothes sparkling
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Always take a better look at the products you use

If you want to keep your clothes sparkling, no matter the color, it’s very important to take a careful look at all the products you use daily, both the laundry detergent and the deodorant. Sometimes, when you use too much deodorant, you think it might be better to help you not get a nasty sweat smell during the day, but this can damage the clothes pretty badly, especially the underarms.

Look for those who are destined for black and white apparel and the ones that don’t contain alcohol. Furthermore, before putting on white clothing, let the deodorant dry fully on the body. In case your white clothes get stained from antiperspirants, pre-treat them with liquid detergent (for whites only).

Add a bit of detergent and water directly to the stain, and then rub it gently with your fingers. Let it sit for a bit, and then rinse the garment with warm water. Then, after that, run the cloth through the regular cycle in the washer.

Use the right amount of dosage for the clothes

One trick, if you want to keep your clothes sparkling clean, is to use a good detergent in the right dosage. The accumulation of substances that give white clothes a yellowish look can be caused by overusing liquid fabric softener, laundry detergent, aroma beads, and other in-wash treatments.

Read the label of the detergent to see how much of it you can use for the number of clothes you’re planning to wash.

Treat stains as soon as possible

Although it should go without saying, cleaning up marks on white clothing as soon as they appear is crucial to maintaining the color of the garment. As soon as you can, wash the item and apply a stain treatment.

After a spill or splatter, neutralize stains immediately by dabbing them with water or, if you can, flushing them with cold running water. Stain pens, wipes, and hand sanitizer are excellent options for on-the-spot stain removal due to their high alcohol concentration.

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White vinegar can be your friend!

If you want to keep your clothes sparkling white, add half a cup of white vinegar to your regular washing cycle. This could be able to restore the natural color of your whites by removing the yellow or gray tones that are discoloring them from the cloth. For the same effect, you may also use a half cup of oxygen bleach.

Soak your white clothes before you wash them

…Especially if they are pretty dirty! If you want to thoroughly clean your white clothes, soak them for a few hours in a bucket of hot water, including two cups of baking soda.

Additionally, put the clothes in the washing machine and use a detergent high in enzymes to break down protein, lipids, and oils. This is also great for removing stubborn stains.

Don’t use chlorine bleach

You’ve probably never given this any consideration. Use an alternative to regular chlorine bleach for cleaning whites. The chemical reaction that occurs when chlorine bleach is applied to white garments can actually make stains like sunscreen or protein stains from body dirt deeper rather than go away. Before applying chlorine bleach, read the instructions on your clothing, as they can be quite harsh.

Hang your clothes in the sunlight for natural whitening

Use the sun’s energy to naturally make your white clothing more vibrant. After washing, put them outside to air-dry in the sun. Sunlight’s, let’s say natural bleaching qualities help get rid of any lingering stains and maintain the fresh appearance of your favorite garments.

For clean laundry, regularly wash your washing machine

If you want to keep your clothes sparkling, once in a while give your washing machine a clean-through. Use the Drum Clean or Cotton 90°C programs in the washing machine without any clothes to get rid of odors and clean the drum. Add, as usual, the laundry detergent and let it run the cycle.

keep your clothes sparkling
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If your washing machine has an extra rinse cycle, take advantage of it

The additional rinse will be useful in getting rid of any leftover foaming from using too much detergent and will also remove any residue from other laundry products, such as fabric softeners or stain procedures, which, if left in the fibers of the clothing, can give it a dirty look.

Wash your laundry in small quantities

Place clothing in about 3/4 of the washing area. Any washing machine’s cleaning process includes dynamic movement to loosen dust particles, but an excessive load will prevent the washer from having adequate room to function. If you have the possibility, weigh the amount of clothes you want to wash. I usually prefer to keep a limit under 2 lb.

Store your clothes correctly

Last but not least, if you want to keep your clothes sparkling white and avoid the yellow stains pay attention to how you store them.

Keep whites away from plastic storage, which can impede ventilation and result in discoloration. Use protective storage bags or bins made of linen or cotton in place of plastic clothing bags, dry cleaner bags, or storage boxes.

Avoid keeping dirty apparel in your closet. Before storing them for the upcoming season, give them a thorough cleaning. Why do you have to do this? The appearance of your white clothing can be ruined over time by stains, even undetectable ones caused by product or body filth accumulation.

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