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8 Genius Empty Nester Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed

Having an extra room or two all of a sudden can be overwhelming… Here are some empty nester tips to get you over the hump!

Facing an empty nest can be emotional and daunting, but it’s also an opportunity. When the kids move out, you’re left with a lot of extra space. Newly emptied bedrooms offer prime real estate to usher in some changes and begin a new phase of life.

One that’s tailored to you, not the kiddos. But even though it can be tempting to dive into a renovation head first, the pros recommend having a plan before converting rooms or splurging on new renovations. The key is to take your time and consider your lifestyle.

Simply put, don’t rush into anything. Instead of just redoing a room for the sake of it, you’ll want to think about the lifestyle you want and what it could look like.

Studies show that roughly 3 out of 4 people redo their homes after their children move out. So here are 8 empty nester tips to help you along the way!

Empty Nester Tip
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Empty nester tip: Add an entertainment room

You’ve worked hard for many years, and you deserve a space to relax for movie night or watching a game. So, to make use of your extra space, you can use the room as a home theater or entertainment room, giving it a dedicated space away from other noise in your home.

This renovation doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, either. You can simply swap out another television for a better one or get a new surround sound system.

And for those feeling a bit more ambitious, here’s a fantastic empty nester tip for you: there’s also the option of adding a popcorn bar in the corner of the room or buying some theater seating. It creates the right atmosphere for movie nights.

Empty nester tip: Add a home gym

This one is the most popular option for empty nesters. But it’s just as clever as the rest! Bedrooms aren’t the only rooms in a home that are occupied by kids. Once they’ve moved out of the house, the basement becomes fair game for the rest of the house members.

This room has become an excellent area for setting up a home gym. It’s a dedicated workout space that will allow you to get your morning run on the treadmill or even join an online yoga class.

Begin by removing any unnecessary clutter from the room, then add your preferred gym equipment, from cardio machines to free weights to a TV on the wall so that you can follow with virtual workouts; the possibilities are endless!

Empty nester tip: Invest in new appliances

Maybe you don’t want to redo an entire room. And that’s ok. You might be happier to upgrade a few of your appliances to more modern versions.

Over the years, you’ve likely accumulated an assortment of appliances, holding onto the things that still work while the kids were still living at home.

Now that there’s less worry about somebody misusing certain appliances, you might feel better about upgrading your fridge, washer and dryer, or stove.

You may also want to add or replace your garbage disposal, stand mixer, coffee maker, or any other smaller kitchen appliances in colors and designs that give your home a more cohesive feel.

Empty nester tip: Freshen up the living room

In a home where children grew up, the living room is probably the space with the most memories. After all, it’s one of the rooms where everyone spends the most time together.

And the truth is that many parents want their money to stretch further, so they may put off updating a room that gets so much love because of all the shenanigans happening there.

Yet, once the children are on to their next chapter, you can finally feel free to reinvent this space around a new color scheme or theme with the latest plants, art, window coverings, rugs, and maybe even an updated TV.

Empty Nester Tip
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Empty nester tip: Redo the bathrooms

It’s probably been a while since the bathrooms in your home had a fresh face. And even though you might have upgraded your primary bathroom at some point, the other bathrooms in your home may have become a bit ancient.

Once you become an empty nester and there isn’t anyone using the extra bathrooms, it’s the perfect time for some reorganization. Little changes, like new towel bars and light fixtures, can go a long way.

But some homeowners just want to gut the entire room, adding a new tub, tiles, vanity, mirrors, and maybe even some dual showerheads!

It makes more sense to redo multiple bathrooms at once because you can buy supplies like tiles in bulk to guarantee all the bathrooms match throughout your home.

Empty nester tip: Buy some new furniture

Now that you no longer have any kids around to spill or put their feet on the furniture, an entire world of new design options opens up to you. The furniture pieces you had when the kids were growing up have probably seen better days.

For this reason, many homes with families tend to have couches that are darker shades made of washable fabrics to conceal imperfections and spill-proof chairs and tables to make cleaning up easier. And we get it.

But if you’ve been avoiding buying premium furniture, now’s the time to invest in the pieces and materials you’ve always dreamed about instead of what can tolerate years of misuse.

From solid wood tables to high-end kitchen barstools to pristine living room seating, you can now look forward to revamping your decor.

Empty nester tip: Implement a hobby room

If your home already has a guest room, you might want to turn a child’s former bedroom into a room for yourself. If you enjoy crafting, you probably have many bobs and bits scattered throughout your home.

Well, a dedicated hobby room brings all your things together and frees up storage space somewhere else. The same can be applied to collectors, book enthusiasts, photographers, music lovers, and any other type of hobbyist.

Having a space to organize your stuff helps ensure you participate in the hobby. And remember that in a newly child-free home, you’ll have more time to do other things you enjoy. Add the lights, shelves, or desk space you require to truly make the most of your extra free time.

Empty Nester Tip
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Empty nester tip: Futureproofing

The truth of the matter is that significant home improvements don’t happen all that often simply because of the expense, mess, and hard work involved, especially when a family actually lives in the home.

But now that it’s actually happening, what empty nesters need to consider is that workers now might have to see them through the next 20 years or more, which means making the home suitable for your future and older self.

For instance, if you’re planning a new bathroom, one of the best empty nester tips we can give you is to install a walk-in shower to reduce the stress of getting in and out of the bath a couple of years down the line.

A downstairs bathroom is also convenient for when you may not be able to run up and down stairs, which can be problematic. A few grab bars wouldn’t hurt either. Amazon can be a fantastic source for all your bathrooms needs.

Be sure to leave us a comment to let us know what you think of these empty nester tips. And if you liked this article, we highly recommend also reading: Interior Designers’ Home Decor Taboos: 11 Awful Things to Steer Clear Of

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