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Interior Designers’ Home Decor Taboos: 11 Awful Things to Steer Clear Of

Are YOU guilty of these home decor taboos?

Welcome to a fascinating journey into interior design, where style meets substance and originality reigns supreme. In this exploration, Wipe And Organize is going deep into the minds of interior designers to uncover all their secrets, in particular, home decor taboos.

They’re the cardinal sins of design, the mistakes that even the most daring decorators wouldn’t make in their homes. So join us as we unveil the most awful things to steer clear of when creating your perfect living space.

We’ll dissect the no-nos of home decor as we navigate the murky waters of design faux pas, shedding light on the practices that could spell disaster for your aesthetic dreams.

Whether you’re a novice decorator or a seasoned pro, there’s always something to learn from the unspoken design rules. Get ready to banish the decor demons from your home for good as we explore 11 home decor taboos!

Home Decor Taboo
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Home decor taboo: Recliners

If you’re planning on getting a recliner, get one that’s a bit more subtle.  Even though classic, puffy recliners are just about the comfiest pieces of furniture you can sit on, you should try to find a balance between aesthetics and comfort.

These days, you can discover seamlessly designed recliners that look like regular accent chairs. Or you can get an ordinary chair and add an ottoman in front of it. You can kick your feet up on it, use it for extra seating, and have it add a touch of color or a pattern to your space.

Home decor taboo: Bed skirts

There are better ways to hide the stuff under your bed.  Bed skirts make a space look like a museum, and let’s be honest: don’t they remind you of your great-grandma’s room when you were growing up?

If you really want bedding that reaches the floor, we’d recommend buying a platform bed. It gives you a similar look while contemporizing the bed and giving you less bedding pieces to buy.

Home decor taboo: Black bedding

While we’re on the subject of beds, you might have been saving pictures of chic beds with black duvets and pillows on Pinterest, but you might find that it’s a disaster when you finally do end up getting that black bedding.

It’ll look fantastic the first couple of days, but then every piece of dust or hair in the room will start to accumulate. So, instead, get black throw blankets or accent pillows that can help you get a similar look while saving you the headache of the never-ending cleaning process.

Home decor taboo: Popcorn ceilings

Removing popcorn ceilings is a relatively inexpensive yet dramatic change that can positively influence a space.  Popcorn ceilings can cause competing textures in your living space and make it feel less open. Without these types of ceilings, your space becomes more elevated.

You also get an environment that lets the furniture and walls take the main focus while leaving the ceiling out of the picture. Trust us…if you have popcorn ceilings, remove this outdated trend immediately. You’ll thank us for it!

Home decor taboo: String lights when it’s not Christmas

String lights can make your room look low-grade.  In the opinion of many home decorators, nothing cheapens a living area more than hanging string lights all around your walls.

We understand if you want pieces throughout your home to add light and extra layers to your space, but there are more effective ways you can accomplish this, like with accent lamps.

Neon lights are also an excellent alternative to string lights because they can be playful and fun but less cheap-looking.

Home Decor Taboo
Photo by Moolkum at Shutterstock

Home decor taboo: Fake plants and fruits

Trust us! There are quite a few real plants that can be pretty easy to keep alive. Sp skip the fake stuff, especially since natural plants enhance the overall environment of your living spaces.

We get that not everyone was born with a green thumb, but there are a couple examples, like aloe, snake plants, and bamboo, that are some of the easiest plants to take care of.

There are also a bunch of apps that can track growth and let you know how much water and sun your plants need, which takes all the guessing out of it.

Home decor taboo: Frameless posters

Art can come in all forms, posters are a perfect example.  We don’t have a problem with posters, but pros are opposed to lazy aesthetics. Generally, you’ll find them taped onto the walls of college dorms. If you want to hang up a poster, dress it up a bit by framing it.

This helps it stand out more and makes it feel more like a design decision than a placeholder. And by choosing the same frame in numerous quantities, you can also help unify a bigger collection of posters and get them to flow more cohesively throughout a space.

Home decor taboo: Matching furniture sets

Matching furniture sets are most typical in bedrooms. Many interior decorators commonly see matching sets in master bedrooms, where the nightstands, bed, and dressers are all the same finish and color. But it’s more visually attractive to switch up your furniture.

For instance, you can begin with wood grain for a dresser, a fabric headboard, and a solid-painted nightstand set to soften up the space a bit. You can even switch this combo up, but the visual difference creates contrast. Designers also commonly see these sets in living rooms.

So instead of getting the same loveseat and sofa, choose two different fabrics that complete each other. Doing this reads less, “I got this at a discount,” and more, “I made this design decision on purpose.”

Home decor taboo: Futons

Not only do futons rarely add anything to the rooms look-wise, but they’re also always uncomfortable. Many people use these as beds for guests, but wouldn’t you rather sleep on a comfy sofa than a futon with those metal bars digging into your back?

If you frequently host and don’t have a spare room, invest in an excellent air mattress rather than an uncomfortable futon. You can always hide an air mattress in the back of your closet when you’re not using it… But good luck hiding that eyesore of a futon.

Home decor taboo: Outdated-looking ceiling fan

Look at your options if you’re going to have a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are functional, but they don’t exactly have the most pleasing look.

If a ceiling fan is a must, and we understand that for a lot of people, it is, we recommend really looking into different designs and finding one that complements the overall layout of your space instead of one that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Home Decor Taboo
Photo by Neil Podoll at Shutterstock

Home decor taboo: Barn Doors

Except for probably Chip and Joanna Gaines, barn doors aren’t exactly beloved by most interior designers. Clunky and cumbersome, these doors should be held to their original use.

The design likely won’t fit within the original architecture of a space. So, unless you’re living within a working barn, we recommend opting for traditionally hinged doors or elegant pocket doors.

Before you leave, don’t forget to leave us a comment and let us know what you think about these home decor taboos. And if you like this post, Wipe And Organize has many more we think you’ll enjoy.

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