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6 Places People Always Forget to Clean

When you clean your home, do you clean every corner? Or are there some places you forget to clean? Most likely, there are some spots you are missing, but we are here today to tell you about the most common places people forget to clean.

Generally, you first see the obvious things, such as that pile of laundry or all of the dirty dishes that you can find in the kitchen sink. But after you are done with all of this, it is a good idea to not forget about the rest of the room.

Read on and see what the places are you’re forgetting to clean and how you can do better next time you are tidying up your home!

places you forget to clean
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1. Closet floors

You open the door of your closet, and you see the mess that is inside. This is something that is not hard to spot. It is probably time to clean your closet.

Many clothes are stacked together, and if you look up, you can see the shelves that are full of various objects that almost fall once you open the door.

Now, try to remember when the last time you cleaned the closet was. You put everything in place, right? But did you actually clean the closet properly? Have you ever cleaned its floor?

We don’t say that you’ve never cleaned the floor, but most people forget about it, and this is not a good habit. It is easy to say that the floor of your closet is one of the places you forget to clean, but this has to change.

Shoes may carry dirt from outdoors into closets, which can make carpeted areas particularly dusty and dirty. Carpet beetles and other bugs can form colonies in the carpet, and they might later feed on your most prized garments.

Remove all items from closets and thoroughly disinfect the area. This should be done at least once per season. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to sort through your belongings, give whatever you don’t truly need, and store everything else properly.

2. Indoor plants

One of the places you forget to clean is probably all of your precious ornamental plants. Yes, they are nice and give your home a unique feeling, but you should know that they also need to be cleaned from time to time.

You’d be surprised by how much dust these plants can accumulate. And now we are not only talking about real plants; artificial ones made from silk can also become incredibly dusty.

A brief pass under the shower will help the majority of living plants. In case the plant is too big and you can’t move it around, try to wipe off each leaf with a microfiber towel or disposable duster.

Silk plants may be cleaned outside, and the dust can be easily removed with a hairdryer set on a cool. Put a paper bag full of salt or baking soda on each stem of the silk plants to make them look more vibrant.

Shake the bag well; most of the dirt will stay in the mixture of baking soda or salt. Finish this by using a cold hair dryer to dust off any remaining residue. Your plants will look like new!

3. Under the furniture

This might be one of the places you forget to clean because it is not the most accessible place. Seriously, especially if you find it hard to bend over, what happens under your furniture might be a complete mystery.

Using a vacuum or dust mop, you may easily gather the dust bunnies that are usually found beneath beds and couches. Next time you are cleaning, try to look beneath the furniture; you might be surprised by the mess you will find there.

The easiest way to clean those places is to use a dusting wand and a vacuum cleaner. In this way, you will get rid of everything that is there, such as spider eggs and webs. You should remove the grime you have under your beds and couches at least twice per year, and everything should be good.

4. Vents and air filters

If your house has a heating system and a cooling system, be sure that the ductwork is not missing. The ductwork has to connect this whole system to the rooms you have inside your home. After being cleaned, the heated or cooled air leaves through vents and enters the air handling system again.

Also, if there is duckwork, you can find filters. If pollen and other foreign particles aren’t filtered out of the air recirculating in the system, they will just blow back toward the living area. There are many different kinds of filters, starting with cheap mesh to highly costly HEPA filters.

But since they are inside this whole system, air filters have a higher chance of being one of the places you forget to clean.

For maximum effectiveness, the filters need to be cleaned or replaced, regardless of their type. Try to spend some time cleaning the vent grates before you replace the filter. You’ll have fewer particles of dust inside your home, and the air will be more breathable and cleaner.

5. Baseboards and the walls

Both horizontal and vertical walls can collect dust and dirt. You might be surprised to see how thick the dust can get if you open the blinds or curtains and switch on all the lights. There might be even more dust hidden if your wallpaper is textured.

Starting from the highest point of the wall, use a particle-trapping duster to work your way down. Lastly, tidy up any excess dirt or stains that might have accumulated near doorknobs and light switches.

People don’t usually clean the walls and their baseboards, and because of this, they can become some of the places you forget to clean.

Pay particular attention to baseboards as you complete your wall cleaning. Higher-humidity areas such as kitchens and bathrooms will likely require you to use a wet cloth to wipe down the baseboards since humidity has transformed the dust into dirt that sticks to the surface.

places you forget to clean
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6. The tops of doors, cabinets, or other pieces of furniture

We are sure that one of the places you forget to clean is the top of your wardrobe or the top of your doors or picture frames. And we can understand why this happens. Usually, all of these places are up high and not easily accessible to most of us.

But next time you are cleaning, try to look up and stop ignoring these surfaces that you usually don’t see. Make sure to regularly clean the tops of picture frames, ceiling corners, tall storage cupboards, cabinetry in the kitchen, and door frames.

Make sure you check the ceiling fans and lighting fixtures while you’re up there. The most effective tool for gathering dust and spider webs is an extendable-handled disposable duster.

In case you don’t have one, use a new microfiber towel and attach it with an elastic band to the handle of a broom or mop.

In case you need new microfiber cloths, you can try these ones: Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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