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Easy Solutions for the 5 Most Dreaded Cleaning Chores

Make the most dreaded cleaning chores easier!

Cleaning your house can be a difficult task altogether, but there are some tasks that are universally hated. Hopefully, you don’t have to be scared anymore because today you will learn how to make the most dreaded cleaning chores more fun.

Your cleaning routine shouldn’t be something you are scared of doing, and many times there are only these chores that make you think again before starting to clean your home. Postponing is not a solution, and this is why you need to figure out how to approach these dreaded cleaning chores in a very simple manner.

Start cleaning like a pro today and reclaim your time with these hassle-free solutions!

dreaded cleaning chores
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1. Changing bed linens

Ah, changing bed linens! If we were to list the most dreaded cleaning chores, this one has to be number one. No matter how much you enjoy taking care of your house and cleaning in general, this is one of those tasks that often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.

But as hated as it is, this chore is still an important part of our weekly cleaning routine, and it is advised not to skip it. When you want to make something easier, the first thing you need to do is have a plan. In this case, a plan means you can allocate one day of the week, and on that day, you must always take care of the linens. Strip off the old sheets, put them in the laundry, and right after, take some clean sheets and immediately start making the bed.

Try to make a habit out of this, and you will make sure that you have clean sheets on your beds every week. Also, if you want to make everything more enjoyable, you can buy a linen spray you can use between the washes and transform your space into a sanctuary!

2. Cleaning the kitchen

Many consider the kitchen the heart of their home, but since this space is used so much, it is also a breeding ground for all kinds of messes. We know you want to have spotless kitchens, but cleaning and taking care of the kitchen is one of the most dreaded cleaning chores. Hopefully, if you change a few things about your cleaning routine, you can make this task feel like a breeze.

But what makes this space so difficult to clean? Well, first of all, this is where you prepare your food, and as you already know, cooking is one of the simplest ways to create a mess. Besides this, you probably have a lot of appliances in your kitchen, such as a microwave, stove, oven, fridge, coffee machine, and so on.

To make every flow smooth, you should start by deducing. Clear the countertops, put away the dishes, and last but not least, toss any expired food that you have inside your fridge. Try to do this on a regular basis, and you will see the difference.

Another way to tame this one of the most dreaded cleaning chores is to clean the appliances regularly. Whip the stovetop every time it gets dirty, and don’t forget about that microwave. If you clean them daily, you will keep them in top shape, and deep cleaning will be needed less frequently.

3. Ironing

You might think that doing laundry is a task we all love to hate, but we are here to tell you that this is not one of the most dreaded cleaning chores. On the other hand, ironing can be something most people are afraid of.

Just imagine opening the door of your dryer and taking out a fresh load of clean clothes that need some serious ironing. We have to recognize that this is kind of intimidating, but read on, and you will no longer be terrified by this task.

Next time you wash your clothes, remember not to overstuff your washing machine or dryer. Doing this will help the material wrinkle less, and as a result, you will have to do a much easier job when ironing.

Another thing you can do is not let your laundry sit in the washing machine or dryer. Take it out promptly every time, and we are sure you will see a big difference. Also, when buying new clothes, look at the materials. If you hate ironing, opt for low- to no-iron fabrics, and in this way, you can transform your closet into a no-iron haven.

4. Dusting

Dusting is a must-do chore for anyone who wants to have a clean and healthy home, but unfortunately, most people see it as one of the most dreaded cleaning chores because it is so tedious and time-consuming.

One thing about dust is that you can find it all around your home. This makes dusting an activity that is not one-room-targeted. When you start cleaning, you have to dust your whole space; there are no exceptions. Blinds, table tops, your closet, the interior of your closet, the ceiling fans—all of these places can be full of dust.

The secret to staying on top of dusting is to use the right tools. Surprisingly enough, skipping this step will make this chore a lot more difficult than needed. Most people don’t approach the dusting process properly, and this is how it ended up being one of the most dreaded cleaning chores.

And it truly shouldn’t be. Dusitin regularly will prevent you from living in a sneeze-inducing environment and will reduce the risk of developing allergies and other respiratory-related illnesses.

So let’s start with the right equipment. For hard-to-reach places and tall corners, you will need a dusting rod. Use this, and you will no longer struggle to clean all of the weird spots and places. Everything will be more accessible.

To remove dust without lifting it into the air, use a vacuum accessory with a brush or a cleaning rod with fibers that catch and lock dust. Vacuuming often, updating air filters on a regular basis, and leaving your doors and windows closed are all ways to avoid dust, allowing you to dust less often.

dreaded cleaning chores
Photo by brizmaker at Shutterstock

5. Vacuuming

Sometimes vacuuming can be a real challenge, a true workout. You know how things go: move the furniture, drag the vacuum from room to room, and carry it upstairs and downstairs. These are the main reasons that make vacuuming one of the most dreaded cleaning chores.

But you can make things easier because there are solutions out there. Maybe the most obvious solution would be to purchase a robotic vacuum. These are those little helpers who will roam around your house and clean up any mess they encounter. This can be a good idea, but not all people consider the robotic vacuum as effective as the classical one.

Another thing you can do is vacuum by zone. This means you don’t need to vacuum all of your home at once. You should make a plan and divide your house into zones. After doing this, you can start vacuuming, depending on how much you use that zone.

For example, your main spaces, such as the living room and kitchen, should be vacuumed more often. Following that, conduct a brief inspection of the bedrooms, bathrooms, and less-frequented areas, and vacuum them if necessary.

Also, you can purchase a stick vacuum. This type of vacuum is easy to carry around, and you can have it close for easier claiming jobs. You just take it out of the closet and vacuum high-traffic areas every time, when needed.

If you need a dusting rod, this one is incredibly accessible and has nine pieces you can use for different cleaning purposes: DEEHYO Microfiber Duster

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