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The Pine-Sol Lady: 6 Cleaning Secrets From the Legend!

Have you ever expected to hear all the secrets of the Pine-Sol lady?

You probably remember the Pine-Sol Lady from how into this cleaning product she has been for 30 years!

The lady who has become the brand ambassador and spokesperson for Pine-Sol is Diane Amos, and she has been a fan of this classic cleaner for ages. But what is that?

Despite being a TV, film, and stage star, along with having an impressive stand-up comedian career, Diane Amos has had simple beginnings, and she has been learning to clean since a young age.

Her family used to clean on the weekends together, and that’s where she found out all her secrets and her love for this classic cleaner!

And her love proved to be fruitful! In 1993, Diane Amos became the Pine-Sol Lady, and she has been associated with the brand for years due to her amazing personality and vibrant smile!

The great news is that the Pine-Sol Lady has a few tricks up her sleeve, and she has shared them with her audience!

From spots that end up being neglected in the home to places that you are not cleaning properly, make sure you keep on reading to find out what you may be missing on your cleaning list and how Pine-Sol can be used in all these spots!

Have you ever used Pine Sol? What other products are your holy grail for cleaning? Let us know in the comments!

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Cabinets and knobs

The Pine-Sol Lady warns against forgetting to wipe away your cabinets and knobs. These are some of the items in your home that you are touching the most, but not everyone ends up remembering to clean them as often as they should.

Not only will this help you get rid of any fingerprints from door knobs, but you can also get rid of a lot of bacteria and viruses that could be lurking on them.

Not to mention, if you maintain clean cabinet doors, you will not have to struggle later with more grime that has accumulated (especially in the kitchen).

To start this, make sure you wipe down the dust with a microfiber cloth to get rid of any dust.

Then mix 1/4 cup of Pine-Sol in a gallon of water, and use the solution to clean the cabinets and knobs. You can easily wipe away fingerprints, grease, and any other stains and spots with a dampened cloth.

This is an easy enough task that you can get the little ones involved as well when they are old enough, and you can easily teach them to clean effectively and easily!

Door jambs

Since we spoke about door knobs, let’s not stop there!

One area that almost everyone forgets to wipe is the door jambs! When was the last time you dusted them? And before you say nothing much happened to them, know that dust loves to settle in any place or crevice.

If you want a dust-free home, then you need to start cleaning these too! With a Swiffer or a simple, clean cloth, dust your door jambs.

The Pine-Sol Lady recommends, especially when it comes to doors and other high furniture or spaces, that you start up and make your way down!

If any of these cleaning hacks have caught your eye, then do not hesitate to get your trusty Pine-Sol solution and get to cleaning. And if you run out, remember, you can always order it from Amazon for it to come straight to your door!

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You take care of the floors, vacuuming and washing them when needed, but the baseboards generally end up being a secondary thought for most, if they do not end up being completely ignored.

The Pine-Sol Lady suggests that you start keeping them in mind. While you may be able to get the dust off them when you vacuum, you should also pick up the habit of cleaning them every couple of weeks.

All you will need to make an easy and effective cleaning solution is 1/4 cup of Pine-Sol cleaner, a gallon of water, and a microfiber cloth.

You will have to wipe them down, and you will be surprised at how easy it is and sometimes how dirty the baseboards can get!

Adding them to your cleaning rotation ensures that the next time you are playing with the pets or the little ones of the family on the floor, you will only be greeted by clean spaces!

Garbage cans

When the trash gets taken out, you make sure you clean your garbage disposal, but the trash can and outdoor garbage cans are other trash-related items that need to be cleaned.

Not to mention, that trash can is probably quite grimy here and there, especially on the inside!

Amos is a strong believer in the fact that you need to clean the inside and outside of all your trashcans so that you can maintain the cleanliness of your home. This includes the kitchen, office, and bathroom trashcans you may have.

And the great thing is that with Pine-Sol, you can easily clean all of these!

Get rid of the trash bag and any stray pieces of garbage that stick to the base of the can, then coat the trash can inside and out with the Pine-Sol cleaner. It is best to do this in the tub to avoid more mess around the house.

Then scrub the trash can with a long-handled brush. Rinse and wipe clean, and you’ve got yourself a brand-new and nice-smelling garbage can!

We recommend you use cleaning gloves when you do this!

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This one may surprise you! A lot of us make a habit of wiping the countertop after making any meal, but the key to actually having a clean countertop is to disinfect it!

Not only are we not cleaning it properly that often, but there are a lot of bacteria and viruses we can bring in with grocery bags that we forget about!

This is why the Pine-Sol Lady makes a point out of disinfecting their countertops with the brand’s cleaning solution once a week (unless it’s a marble countertop). Once you apply it, leave it to work for about 10 minutes, then rinse it with water and dry it!

The solution is effective in cleaning all types of bacteria and viruses, including 99.9% of COVID-19, strep, staph, and influenza, just to mention a few!

Pine-Sol mistakes to avoid!

There are a few things to keep in mind when using Pine-Sol!

While the cleaning solution can be used in a lot of situations, there are some surfaces that you should not be using it on, along with some materials that are quite common.

You should not use the product on marble and other porous materials (this includes floors and countertops as well), along with copper, aluminum, and visibly worn wood. The same goes for wood that has been oiled or has waves too!

What’s more, you should not use it on surfaces that come in direct contact with food (for example, cutting boards), and it should never be used as a dish liquid!

Like always, make sure you do not mix cleaning solutions, as you never know what the chemical reaction can be!

Otherwise, follow the package instructions and enjoy Pine-Sol’s amazingly clean scent!

And since we mentioned that this solution, as effective as it is, can ruin certain items, keep in mind that it is the same with other ones as well! If you want to know what not to use on wooden items and what to use instead, make sure you check out this article here!

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