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The ONE Cleaning Product That Will Destroy Wooden Furniture

Avoid using sanitizer on wooden furniture if you want to keep it shiny for a longer time! 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, literally, everybody has started using hand sanitizer, as well as products that contain similar ingredients for cleaning the household. But is this really a good idea? Experts strongly disagree, and in this article, we will tell you why it is a very bad idea to use spray sanitizer to clean your house, especially why you should avoid using sanitizer on wooden furniture.

Among all the reasons why spray sanitizer is bad for both humans and household items, we will also mention a few mistakes people tend to make while dusting and cleaning their wooden furniture. You’ll want to pin this for later for sure!

avoid using sanitizer on wooden furniture
Photo by IVAN KRYVOSHEI from Shutterstock

Sanitizer will damage the lacquer coating

The number one reason you should avoid using sanitizer on wooden furniture is because it can damage the coating pretty badly. Nitrocellulose, plasticizers, and pigments are dissolved in a combination of solvents to create lacquer. If properly maintained, it offers a robust layer of safety that may last for a long time.

The issue lies in the fact that sanitizers alter the chemical composition of lacquer, making it softer, and softer lacquer is more prone to peeling, discoloration, and marking, especially ring marks from hot or moist glasses and mugs.

Instead of using sanitizer on the wooden furniture, we advise you to opt for products like Pledge which are also very affordable if you buy them in bulk at Costco!

Spray sanitizers contain unknown chemicals

Chemical scents are a common ingredient in spray sanitizers. Because fragrance compounds do not need to be listed on the label, you never know what you’re putting yourself and your wooden furniture at risk of.

Several scents irritate the skin and have been connected to hormone imbalances and allergies.

D10 sanitizer isn’t that good

By any chance do you use D10 as a multipurpose cleaner for most of your household items, including for your furniture? If so, after reading this paragraph you will definitely avoid using sanitizer on wooden furniture. Experts say that “Concentrated detergent disinfectant for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces in restaurants” is how D10 is advertised.

Similar to other spray sanitizers, D10 is completely unsuitable for hardwood furniture due to its corrosive properties, which eliminate the lacquer’s protective layer. And you already know what happens if the protective lacquer is gone!

Besides this harmful cleaning product, there are a couple of other things that may damage your wooden furniture. Let’s get through some of them: 

Bad habits

Does that wooden coffee table always support your feet? Be honest! And while this can be just an innocent habit, with time, it can destroy your furniture.

By varying the locations and methods of use, you may prolong the life and brightness of your furnishings. If you have a pet, try to train it and provide it with fun and comfortable alternatives to help them learn to stay off furniture.

Maintain the condition of your furniture effortlessly with this top-rated product that I rely on! Bee Spray Furniture Polish contains essential oil wax that prolongs the life of your wooden furniture giving it the natural shiny look from the day you bought it.

You don’t believe me? Order now on Amazon as only a few bottles are left in stock. Furthermore, it’s also affordable too just $22.88.  

Your home’s climate

Dryness, extreme heat and cold, and humidity all harm wood furniture. To stop warping and cracking, keep interior temperatures normal, think about getting a dehumidifier, and make sure your furniture is cleaned and polished. Examine your window and door seals as well. Drafty homes are more prone to experience noticeable variations in humidity and temperature.

Wrong cleaning products

As I previously mentioned, if you like your furniture and you want to keep it shiny for a longer time you should avoid using sanitizer on wooden furniture.

Your upholstery may be harmed by fabric sprays as well. Before applying a new cleaning agent to the full surface of your furniture, always do a hidden spot check. When using chemicals to remove fresh stains from cloth, wood, or carpets, use caution and natural remedies like salt.

That being said, before reaching the end of the article, I must share with you the best products to clean your wooden furniture: 

avoid using sanitizer on wooden furniture
Photo by Adam Radosavljevic from Shutterstock
  • Furniture wipes

One of my go-to favorite products when it comes to cleaning my furniture is furniture wipes. Easy to use these wipes are great to have on hand! You can be sure that the furniture wipes won’t harm it because several types are designed specifically to be used on wood. It may be used on wood cabinets, tables, chairs, and other household items. They work well for cleaning white wood furniture since they can pick up even the slightest stains.

To get rid of the filth or grime in question, simply pull one out and give the afflicted area a gentle wipe. This will tidy up the debris and leave the space looking nice very soon. If I don’t find Pledge on Amazon, I use these from Rejuvenate.

  • Silicone polish

Another great product for cleaning wooden furniture is silicone polish. Besides being gentle with the furniture, it also protects it from scratches. This polish puts an unbreakable coating of shine on the wood after effectively cleaning any lingering grease. This works well for glossy wood at first but needs a little encouragement to get back to that condition, such as wood that has been cleaned from antique furniture.

However, if your wooden furniture is going to be happy if you use silicone polish on it, your wooden floors are not so happy. According to experts, the substance in silicone polish isn’t exactly safe to use on floors, mostly because it will make them slippery. Better stick to floor detergent only!

  • Disinfectant

While sanitizer can ruin the look of your wooden furniture and make it vulnerable to scratches, a good disinfectant is crucial to use if you have visible dirt on your hardware. Cleaning wood furniture involves more than simply removing obvious filth; it also entails eliminating any harmful bacteria that may be hiding! I use Method Daily Wood Cleaner, which is available on Amazon for the amazing price of $6.98.


The bottom line is that no matter what type of wood your furnishing is made of if you want to keep it fresh and shiny for as long as possible, you must avoid using sanitizer on wooden furniture.

Wood may be safely cleaned with a variety of cleaning chemicals that efficiently remove dirt and stains from the surface without harming it. Generally speaking, it is preferable to choose softer cleaning supplies or ones designed especially for wood.

Before buying any furniture product, make sure you read the label first. This is my go-to rule before purchasing anything – it’s crucial to know the ingredients. If you’re unsure, ask the seller if they’re suitable for wooden furniture. Better to be safe than sorry!

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