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4 Items You Should Clean NOW

There are items you should clean as soon as possible since they’re usually ignored!

While everyone knows there are items you should clean more often than we do, there are certain items and places in the home that we do not end up visiting when it comes to cleaning.

Not to mention, some places go completely over our heads and are solely cleaned!

Let’s be candid and admit that while we remember to vacuum, mop, do the dishes and laundry, dust, and clean the bathroom, there are lots of places we do not clean as often as we should.

Be it that we are busy, we do not know how to clean certain spots, or they just aren’t on our list, there are a lot of reasons why this happens.

However, you should add these items to your cleaning schedule as soon as possible!

From places that we forget and items we do not clean as often as we should, we have gathered the most overlooked items and spaces that none of us clean as often as we should so that you can join us in not forgetting.

Be it that we are killing bacteria that we put on our faces and hands, or we are getting rid of the reason why the kitchen smells funky, we guarantee these items you should clean as soon as possible, and we also have a way to clean them efficiently and fast.

Do you clean these places and things? Let us know in the comments below!

items you should clean
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1. The microwave ceiling

When it comes to the microwave, some of us even forget that it should be cleaned often, but even those of us who do that may forget this crucial spot: the ceiling of the microwave.

The reason this is one of the items you should clean more often is that you may be missing some food splatters, and this is why it smells somewhat weird when you are heating up something else.

The ceiling may be messy, and every time you use it, it ends up becoming more and more greasy over time.

The best course of action is to clean it once a week, and without a hack, you will be able to clean the whole appliance. Place a cup of water mixed with a quarter cup of vinegar in a microwave-safe bowl, and then heat it up for 3 minutes uncovered.

This will end up creating humidity inside the mixture, and you can easily wipe down everything with a scrubby sponge!

Make sure you remove the bowl before you scrub the insides carefully since it will be hot, and at the end, wipe everything down with a damp towel.

2. That gap between the oven and the cabinets

Yes, you read that right. There is a chance that if your oven is not incorporated into the worktop, there will be a small space between your cabinets and your oven.

And you will not believe just how much grime, dust, and dirt can accumulate there!

Anything from spills to crumbs and all the way to splatters are just some of the examples. The reason why you should make sure to clean this spot more often is because it is a great bug attractor and also promotes the accumulation of more dirt in the crevices.

You should make it a point to also clean in between the oven and the cabinets when you are cleaning the stovetop since you’re in cleaning mode then! Or whenever you need to, since the stovetop needs a wash more often.

The easiest way to clean there without moving any furniture is to wrap a butterknife in a damp washcloth, ensuring you keep the knife at an angle to avoid making all the crumbs fall on the floor.

Do it a couple of times, then exchange the cloth for one with vinegar to dissolve all the remaining dirt and catch any grime and dust.

Once you are satisfied with how clean it is and you want to get rid of this chore, you can fill in the gap with a specialized product or you can make some deflectors so as not to let any splatters fall in between anymore!

items you should clean
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3. Unde the furniture

Out of sight, out of mind! That’s why this is one of the items you should be cleaning more often, and by that, we mean the floor or carpet that is under raised furniture.

A lot of us make a habit of not looking under the furniture unless we need to retrieve something we lost or there is a storage space under there and we need something.

Professionals warn that dirt loves to gather under furniture, especially dust, and the likes of under beds, large furniture pieces, and sofas are the biggest offenders when it comes to this.

Sure, you cannot do much when it comes to massive furniture pieces that are placed directly on the floor, but for those of them that have a space under them, you can definitely make a habit of cleaning under them!

Once a month is enough to keep these spaces clean, and all you need to do is make sure you vacuum under them as well. If you do not have carpet under them, you should also mop underneath them!

If you have no carpet, you can also directly mop under it without needing to vacuum at all!

Pro tip: if you can, make sure you move the furniture to make sure you catch every little dust bunny at least once in a while!

If you do not want to have to lug around a heavy bucket for your mop, we recommend you get a spray mop! It makes cleaning our floors a breeze, and they are durable and affordable. This one here is our favorite version!

items you shuld clean
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4. The silverware drawer

One of the items you should clean more often is the silverware drawer. And any kitchen drawer where you stock items that you use for cooking or have utensils for that matter.

While it may not seem like this is a space that is going to gather a ton of grime, especially since you are only putting in clean items, it is the same idea with towels!

The items may be clean, but they are still going to be dirty, and dust is gathering inside the drawer. Not to mention, you may inadvertently leave them open; there could be crumbs falling inside, and there could be all sorts of items that end up inside that shouldn’t be!

You could have also added in some grime if you got something fast when you were cooking!

Debris and dust are some of the most treacherous types of dirt, and you should be checking your kitchen drawers more often since dust and grime can also start attracting bugs!

Once a month, even if you are using dividers, make sure you check your drawers and give them a good wipe. You will find some debris, crumbs, and dust, or you can even find more than you expected, especially at the first clean!

Get everything out of it, and then clean the drawer. You can also move this task to the sink if you can remove it. Use your favorite cleaning product or mix one part distilled vinegar with two parts water in a spray bottle and wash your drawers and containers!

You can also run the tray in the dishwasher if it is safe to do so!

Just make sure you add this simple task to your cleaning schedule for an even cleaner home!

While there are items you should clean more often, there are also a myriad of tasks you should not be doing as religiously when it comes to cleaning. If you’re curious to see which ones you should skip when cleaning your home, check out this article!

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