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10 Weird Toilet Cleaning Tricks That Actually Work

Which would you say are the most effective toilet cleaning tricks?

We all have our least favorite household duties, which we often go to excessive lengths to avoid. For most people, cleaning the toilet is one of those chores. However, it’s a necessary thing to do. It’s definitely not fun, but we all want to sit on a clean and germ-free toilet.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some common household items that can help you clean your toilet. We think you’ll be surprised at how many weird toilet cleaning tricks there are. Give them a try and see how you don’t need to use harsh, expensive chemicals to keep your toilet clean.

Let’s get started!

toilet cleaning tricks
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1. Scrub with a pumice stone

No matter how often and thoroughly you clean your toilet, it always seems to develop gross-looking rings and stains from excess minerals in the water. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as 85% of us live in a hardwater region of the US.

One of the most unexpected but effective toilet cleaning tricks that can help you remove that stubborn ring inside the bowl involves using a pumice stone. The abrasive stone makes a wonderful tool for scrubbing away stains and rings.

Always start by soaking the pumice in warm water and dampening the toilet bowl—both should always be wet to avoid scratches. Gently scrub the targeted areas until the stains are gone, and then flush the toilet to rinse.

2. Coca-Cola

No, this isn’t a prank. While it isn’t healthy for your teeth, a can of cola can easily turn into one of the most effective toilet cleaning tricks you’ve ever tried. It may sound like an urban legend, but the acids and carbonation in the soda can actually dissolve buildup, stains, and rings in your toilet bowl.

Here’s what you have to do: Pour a full can of Coca-Cola around the rim so that it completely coats the bowl. Let it sit for at least an hour to allow the drink to break down the stains and work its magic. Then, scrub with a toilet brush and flush.

3. Sanitize with hydrogen peroxide

No. 3 on our list of weird but effective toilet cleaning tricks involves some hydrogen peroxide. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hydrogen peroxide is an effective and, most importantly, safe germ fighter. While its name may sound like a harsh and dangerous chemical, you can safely use it because it’s a non-toxic cleaning solution.

Add it to your list of toilet cleaning hacks because it’s a great alternative to harsh chemical cleaners. Just pour about half a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the toilet bowl and let it sit for half an hour. Scrub and flush as normal. If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide, you can try this one from Amazon.

4. White vinegar toilet bowl bath

Many people reach for bleach to clean their toilets and kill bacteria. But using white vinegar is also one of the most effective toilet cleaning tricks, and you don’t have to worry about harsh fumes!

To get rid of stains, soak a paper towel with vinegar and place it directly on top of the targeted area, then allow the vinegar-soaked towel to sit there overnight. The next morning, remove the towel and give the area a quick scrub. This cleaning hack also works great when used on the gunk that accumulates under the rim of your toilet bowl.

Another thing you can try is to pour around a cup of vinegar down the toilet and let it sit for a few hours. After this, give your toilet a good scrub and flush. The sparkle has come back!

Keep reading to discover other weird toilet cleaning tricks that work!

baby oil
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5. Baby oil polish for chrome

You’ll be amazed when you see what the baby oil can do to your toilet! While it’s among the weirdest toilet cleaning tricks, it actually works!

Use some to help your freshly cleaned toilet shine. Just apply a few drops of baby oil to a clean, soft cloth. To make sure you get the best results, use a microfiber cloth.

Buff the chrome fixtures, your toilet handle, the outside of the seat, and even your faucets and showerhead, and make them really sparkle.

Chances are you’ll add this to your list of favorite toilet cleaning tricks!

6. DIY fizzy toilet bomb

You can buy fancy “bombs” or “fuzzies” that clean and deodorize your toilet, but they’re inexpensive and easy to make your own. If you love DIY projects, you’ll want to try this.

If you want to go on the all-natural path and try eco-friendly toilet cleaning tricks, you can make your fizzy toilet bombs using only common household products such as citric acid and baking soda combined with your favorite scented oil.

Store them in a container in your bathroom, and they will always be at hand should you (or a mortified guest) need them. All you have to do is toss one or two toilet fizzes into the toilet bowl after flushing, and that’s it. There’s no need to flush again, so let them dissolve on their own.

7. Lemon juice scrub

No. 7 on our list of weird toilet cleaning tricks that actually work calls for some lemon juice. To get rid of stains and germs and freshen up your toilet, pour half a cup of lemon juice into the bowl and scrub thoroughly.

The acidic juice has bleaching and antibacterial properties that help to kill bacteria and remove stains. If the stains are stubborn, sprinkle some borax into the bowl before pouring the lemon juice.

8. Shaving cream to neutralize

If you have shaving cream in your bathroom, there’s another way to put it to use, and chances are you’ve never thought about it! Well, shaving cream does a pretty good job of refreshing the smell and aspect of your toilet bowl. It has foaming properties that can help you get rid of uric acid crystals and their associated odor.

All you have to do is spray a generous amount of shaving cream into the toilet bowl and let it do its job for about 10 minutes. After that, scrub the whole area and then flush it. This is definitely one of the weirdest toilet cleaning tricks, but it works!

oxygen bleach
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9. Use oxygen bleach

Many people don’t realize that they can use oxygen bleach for other purposes than just removing stains from clothing. In fact, one of the most effective toilet cleaning tricks is using some oxygen bleach. It whitens the toilet bowl and restores the sparkle it once had. Oxygen bleach is a great, non-toxic cleaning solution made from natural ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate.

First, you have to flush your toilet so the bowl is wet to allow the oxygen bleach to stick to the sides. Then, sprinkle it all over the toilet. As an optional step, you can pour some hot water over it to activate it further. Allow about 15–20 minutes so the solution can do its thing. Scrub and flush your toilet as normal.

10. Nail polish

Toilet seat hardware is often pretty cheap, and it tends to get rusty over time. To avoid this and keep your hardware rust-free, use a bit of clear nail polish.

Just brush a coat of the transparent polish onto the bolts and screws and allow it to dry. The fresh coating will prevent rust from forming, and it should also help keep your screws tighter for a longer time.

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