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11 BEST Small Bathroom Organization Tips You Cannot Miss!

These small bathroom organization tips may end up changing your world!

When it comes to having a small bathroom, the problem is obviously the lack of space, which generally translates into a lack of organization.

It is not that people who have small bathrooms do not want to be organized, but rather that the limited space does not leave them with enough space to be able to have all the organization they may want.

In the end, the bathroom is truly one of those places where we have a lot of things, be it that we store things needed for the bathroom or general adjacent items, or just to be able to use the space to its full potential.

Having a small bathroom becomes the bane of anyone’s existence pretty fast, no matter if you are used to one or not.

Generally, the bathroom ends up being a landing spot for a lot of items that you do not know where to keep otherwise, and in the grand scheme of things, not having enough storage in one bathroom is going to drive most people up the wall!

This is why we have consulted with professional organizers, and we have gathered some of the best ways through which you can make the most of your small bathroom without having to make any huge home improvements and with minimal interventions!

Since all small bathrooms have their own quirks and shapes, we are confident we have plenty of suggestions so that you can find something that is going to work for your own organization and storage issues! Keep on reading to discover them!

How have you dealt with storage issues in your home? Did you have to fit more than you could in a smaller space? What are other organizing and storage tips and tricks you suggest? Let us know your answers in the comments down below!

small bathroom
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1. Do not shy away from baskets!

Yes, we know that this is one of those overused organization tips, especially for small spaces.

But they do end up proving to be extremely useful! While you may be wondering how using a lot of baskets in an already small space is going to help you, we say you should give it a try no matter what.

While you may not have a ton of space, we are sure that you still have some space under your sink or on top of your cupboards.

The best way to make the most of the place so that it doesn’t look like you’re just shoving items wherever there is a small sliver of space is to use a basket.

Bulky items like toilet paper rolls? Keep them in the package and place them in the basket. Small bathroom appliances but no space in shelving units? Make a special basket for them all under the sink!

2. Small space? Use tall and narrow shelving units!

Any small bathroom needs more storage, but most of the space left is either very narrow or not enough to be able to host a lot of shelves.

This is where you will need to do some digging and window shopping so that you can find the best narrow, tall shelving unit!

These may look like they do not do much for your spaces, but in reality, they are about a lot more storage space than it seems at first.

Not to mention, they generally blend in seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom furniture. And you can even try your best to find a glass door that will not cramp up your space visually.

If you are worried about not being able to store much inside, throw that thought away.

All the tiny bits and bobs you may have thrown around the counter or in a drawer have a space there, and you can also store the likes of toilet paper, intimate products, and even medicine bottles there.

3. Make most of your countertops with storage!

You may already have a little space on the countertop available, but it may end up being eaten by the daily items you may store in the bathroom. The likes of soap, face wash, makeup, toothbrush, and toothpaste, just to name a few, end up eating most of the countertop, if you even have any.

If you have a small countertop, think about how you can use it in a smart way. Instead of placing all of the aforementioned items in a row, add some clear countertop drawers onto it.

That way you can store all the little items, or makeup items inside, along with cotton pads, cotton buds, and any other items, with the face-washing items having space to be put on top!

You can even add a cup with your toothbrushes and toothpaste on top there as well, but you can also place that one on one side of the sink, with the other being reserved for the handsoap.

This way, you are making the most of the space while also giving yourself even more space on top of the drawers!

Not to mention, these drawers are easy to use, they do not take up a lot of space, and they keep your bathroom from becoming a whole unorganized mess!

4. Never sleep on door organizers!

If you are familiar with the organizing world, then you may have expected these organizers to make an appearance. It seems like every time we are looking for a small bathroom or really any space-organizing tips, these ones come into play.

And this is for a really good reason! A lot of the time, people forget just how much of a treasure of an organization these things are. No matter if you need a couple more racks or shelves or just a place where you can place your towel hangers, the door organizers have your back!

You can place a mobile towel rack on the top of your door and then also install a couple of hanging door organizers on the door. It will easily hold the weight, and you will be able to have the likes of brushes, bottles, and any other items all within reach.

And if you want to be fancy, you can also label your door shutters while you’re at it! Small bathrooms mean you need to be inventive and resourceful!

Believe us, this is the way to do it! To help you in your quest, we recommend you give a try to these door organizers; they are affordable and saved us many times when we dealt with small bathrooms!

small bathroom
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5. Use most of the space! This time, include the over-the-toilet space!

Yes, a small bathroom means that you need to use all the space available to you without creating too much clutter and still leave your bathroom functioning.

We have talked about the door already, but have you thought about using the top of your toilet tank as a space where you can store things you need more often?

Think about it like this: as long as you leave enough space for anyone to be able to use the flush, then you have a bit of real estate left on your hands. You can place one or two baskets (yes, baskets again!) and use them for storage.

One of them could have a couple of bathroom linens and a bathroom spray (unless you place that on the wall), and another could have extra rolls of toilet paper.

The basket is a stylish way to organize things (especially if they are going to be easy to view), and you can also keep some of the bulky items off the vanity or any other shelving. Hitting two birds with two stones!

6. Sink to floor cupboard? Make the most of the space.

Sure, you can use the free space under your sink as storage, but what do you do when you have a cupboard covering it?

You continue to make the most of it, which means you have to organize it and not leave it as the void under the sink where everything is chaotic.

We are not judging you; the under cupboard of my sink used to be an underused space that was always messy, no matter how often we used to try to clean it.

This is why my spouse and I got into the habit of cleaning it regularly and decided to make the most of the space.

There are special drawer units under the sink (much like those that go on top of the counter), and together with a couple of storage bins and baskets, we managed to organize the space around the plumbing in a way that works for us very well.

Not only that, but now it is more often than not tidy, and we can actually use most of the products there before they explore.

And we also know when we need to replace some items! It saved us a lot of time and money in the long run, so do not neglect this space if you have it.

7. Declutter your bathroom!

This organizing tip has nothing to do with what you can add to your space to make it work in your favor, but rather with what you can take out of the bathroom to make the most of the space.

Having your bathroom convenient is crucial, which is why when you are organizing, you need to only focus on the items that are actually going to go into the bathroom and be very intentional about where they are going to go.

Even some of the best-organized bathroom cupboards are frustrating if you cannot get to the items you need. This is why you should declutter your bathroom.

Start by taking all the items you do not need away from the bathroom and into their designated spot. And then tackle each area of your small bathroom.

Keep all the bath and shower items next to the shower, the toilet items around the toilet, the sink items under the sink, and so on and so forth.

This is going to make a huge difference!

8. Do not forget about the wall above your toilet either.

The space on top of your toilet water tank is useful, but so is the wall space above it. While not a lot of people like to use it, since they hang up something, it is not the best route to take when you are dealing with a small bathroom.

Using that space to be able to hang up another cupboard, an over-the-toilet rack, or put up some shelves is the best way to make the most of the space if you have not already.

We know that it may not be the most aesthetic thing, but if you do not have a mirror cupboard already and the space over the toilet is unused, it is organizing real estate you are missing.

Just make sure you place it high enough that no one can hit their head onto it if it’s a cupboard and that they are wide enough to be useful but not bulky if you go down the rack to the shelf option!

small bathroom
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9. Rolling carts may just be the solution.

Small bathrooms may seem like a lost cause, but you should also make the most of your space.

There is a particular rolling cart from Ikea that has been used time and time again when it comes to organizing spaces, and you will find that it is also the answer to your space issues in your bathroom.

Sure, you may be used to seeing them as bar carts or as craft carts for the little ones in the family, but the slim shelves and compact nature of these rolling carts will save you when it comes to having to organize a small space like the bathroom.

You can store extra linens and toiletries on the lower shelves, even extra toilet paper if you do not have a space to store it, while the top can be saved for the likes of everyday items and toiletries you may need.

If you do not have extra countertop space or a cupboard under your sink, it may be the best thing you can use to fit under it, not disrupt your plumbing, and help you make the most of the space you have!

10. Deep drawers may save you.

Your bathroom vanity may not be one of your dreams, but it may be the solution to your organization’s problems.

A lot of people are upset that their vanities come with one or two deep drawers instead of three or four shallow ones. Yet, this is the one you have, or you have no reason to get rid of it.

Instead, you can make the most of the space, and the deep shelves may just save the day. It is crucial that you use all the space you have.

It may seem unusable as is, but if you make use of a couple of organization baskets inside, you can give each spot a reason to exist and a space to be in.

You can easily separate all the items you want to put in these drawers, thus using the space more efficiently than just laying them down or trying to do it without these baskets.

That way, you will be able to fit in way more than just not using the space.

11. Use organizers in your drawers.

If you have drawers, then there is a good chance that they are not well organized. A lot of them are filled with brushes, bits and bobs, random bottles, packages, and all things thrown one on top of another.

And if this seems like the situation that you are dealing with, then you will be benefiting a lot from investing in bamboo drawer organizers.

These types of organizers are going to help you keep your drawers in check, keep you from being overrun by clutter, and also give your drawers a calming and modern look.

The good news is that you can find them in most types of materials and in a lot of different shapes, so with a little trial and error, you can find the best fit for all your drawers!

The bathroom is not the only place in the home that needs help organizing, since the kitchen is just as much of a struggle, regardless of its size. If you want to ensure you have your space in order and are mindful of your wallet, read about how organization mistakes are losing you money here!

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  1. Thank you for all the tips here. I have used baskets and the newest idea is using a tall compact bottle to stuff my daily washclothes in. Fantastic! Space saving and remains clean. Aloha

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