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12 Things You Should Clean Every Single Day (but Don’t)

What are the things you should clean every single day? 

“Cleaning? Again with this word, you people?” I bet this is what you had in mind when you saw the title, but don’t hurry to close the article just yet. Now, the truth is that our house can get filthy very quickly if we postpone the chores and don’t clean it regularly. While some items don’t require daily scrubbing, others do. And you will be shocked at how many ordinary things you should clean every single day, but you probably don’t.

To avoid seeing them as hassles, consider them the important necessities that must be completed each day to give your living space a clean and fresh vibe.

things you should clean every single day
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Shower walls

Believe it or not, shower walls are one of the things you should clean every single day. Why? Because regular maintenance is the easiest technique to remove grout from shower tiles, which is why I advise squeezing the tile after each usage. It will save you time to clean up later and avoid mildew stains if you allow the walls to dry.

Bathroom counters

All the bathroom counters are a harbor of germs and bacteria that can damage your health pretty seriously if you don’t clean them often enough. You don’t believe me?

Numerous studies have found that there are 452 bacteria per square inch on a bathroom countertop. Salmonella, streptococcus, and E. coli are a few of the most prevalent bacterial species that are frequently discovered on restroom countertops.

Naturally, clean the countertops using a vinegar and hot water mixture to ensure that you have killed every potential germ. To keep the mixture fresh, pour it into a spray bottle. I normally prepare the mixture every day to ensure that it will work.

Toilet seat

While we don’t talk about a public toilet, the toilet is not the most sparkling item, not even in the cleanest home. To be more precise, the flush handle and toilet seat are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs that should be eliminated with a disinfectant wipe.
Although certain bathroom fixtures don’t need to be cleaned every day, I would suggest adding the toilet seat to your list of objects that need to be cleaned every day or after every use.

Dining table

Your favorite place to relax and enjoy your favorite meals is also one of the things that gets super dirty too. When food leftovers are left behind, they can harbor mold, harmful germs, and a variety of other organisms. The best way to begin cleaning your kitchen table will depend on what kind it is. However, you should start by dusting it off.

If your dinner table is made of wood, use a clean cloth and a bit of warm water to clean it after every meal. For the tables made of glass, you can use warm water, a clean sponge, and a bit of baking powder if the dirt is stubborn. After you remove all the dirt, just wipe it with a glass cleaning solution that you use on your windows, and voila! Squeaky clean.

Computer keyboard

I should have put this item first on the list because, together with your TV remote, it is one of the dirtiest things in your home. Trust me, you don’t want to see all the germs dancing on your keyboard right now because they’re so many they even throw a party. You may get rid of that quite nasty image by thoroughly cleaning your keyboard with isopropyl alcohol or an electronic-safe cleaning solution.

I recommend the electronic cleaning solution from Amazon. It costs only $19.97 for a 16-ounce bottle. Click the link to order yours now!

Kitchen counters

It’s hard to deny how filthy your countertops get when you consider what you place on them, such as mail, purses, and vehicle keys. Yikes! For this reason, cleaning the kitchen counters should be a daily task.

One thing to remember: just don’t use the same cloth to wipe the counters, the dining table, and other items. This habit will likely cause cross-contamination.

Hand towels

The hand towels in your kitchen, regardless of how they appear, are extremely unclean, according to USDA research. They are, in fact, the most filthy things in the whole kitchen. The little towels in your bathroom are no different.
If you have a large family, you should replace your hand towels every couple of days or even every day because they become dirty more quickly when you use them more frequently.

Kitchen sinks

You may be tempted to believe that after you wash the dishes, your sink is automatically clean too. But this is where you’re wrong. All the grease and dirt from the dishes is left at the bottom of the sink, making it incredibly bacteria-friendly.

According to experts, it’s very important to clean the sink thoroughly with a sponge after you wash the dishes, and if they are too dirty, cover the drain, fill the sink with warm water, and add a tablespoon of bleach. Let it sit for a maximum of 5–6 minutes, then rinse and dry the sink.

things you should clean every single day
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While many people are guilty of leaving their dishes in the sink overnight, you shouldn’t make this behavior a routine. Food particles and water combine to provide the perfect environment for a bacterial treat.

The easiest, safest, and most frequent way to clean your dishes is to use a dishwasher. Since they aren’t always as clean when washed in a dishwashing machine, I would advise cleaning them by hand.

Cleaning sponges

When it comes to cleaning up spills on any hard surface a good sponge is our friend in need. But because we use it so much it needs some maintenance and cleaning too. I advise you to wash your cleaning sponges daily with a mixture of baking soda and water to keep them long-lastly fresh and clean.


One of the things you should clean every single day and every time you use it is your toothbrush. With that being said, I hope you keep it miles away from the toilet and have a cover for it.  Researchers from the University of Manchester in England discovered that E. coli and staphylococci bacteria may thrive in toothbrushes.

According to the NFS, there are at least 200,000 germs per square inch on toothbrushes. All this suggests is that you could be introducing potentially fatal bacteria into your body rather than trying to whiten your teeth.

The best way to clean the toothbrush is by soaking it in a bit of hydrogen peroxide and letting it sit there for around 15 minutes. Before using it again, rinse it with warm water.

Handles and door knobs

Door handles and knobs are often handled throughout the day. Considering that these things have just returned from the outside, it is natural that they are dirty. Simply clean them each time you return home with a standard disinfecting wipe.

That’s it! Now, tell me what is your favorite cleaning routine?

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