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10 Great Tips to Organize Your Attic and Use it For Storage

Get rid of clutter and organize your attic space like a PRO! 

In most cases, attics end up being cluttered and looking like a mess. We tend to put all the stuff we don’t want to throw away or keep out of sight there. But if you hate seeing this every time you go there and you want to stop rummaging in every box for the items you may need because they’re not organized, I have some good news for you!

In this article, I will share with you a couple of tips to help you transform and organize your attic into an efficient storage space! And trust me when I say you will be more than happy with the ending results! Now, chop-chop, let’s get to work.

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Make sure your attic has proper insulation

Since the attic is basically the roof of your house, most of the time the temperature here will be a bit extreme, depending on the state in which you’re living. So if you want to store clothes, sports equipment, or other stuff you don’t use that often, you must make sure they won’t develop mold and end up ruined. Therefore, insulate it as well as possible.

The simplest insulation is batt, which is cut to fit eight-foot-high walls between conventional wall frames. If you don’t think you can handle this task on your own, ask for professional help. Lighting plays a crucial role as well. You don’t want to be stumbling around in the dark in your attic, so make sure there is light provided.

Make sure the floor is stable enough to store all your items

If your attic’s joists that support the floor are exposed, you may build a platform to convert the area into a storage area. By using legs and a chipboard to raise the floor above the joists and insulation, you may provide storage as well as a walking surface.

Start sorting and decluttering

The third step is to start organizing your belongings. I’d suggest putting them in various storage containers with labels on them. If the attic space isn’t exactly comfortable to do this task, move everything from it to another room where you have better visibility.

Gather a few trash bags, a piece of paper, some pencils, and a couple of permanent markers. Make a list with everything you want to keep and another one with all the stuff that you want to donate or throw away. This will make the task easier to complete, plus it will help you organize your attic better.

…psst! If you need to get rid of a lot of junk quickly, think about hiring a dumpster. Consider hiring a storage container if you have a lot of stuff to store, and keep only things in your attic that you routinely require access to.

Add shelves if possible

If the space in your attic is limited, it’s better to take advantage of it as much as possible. In my case, because I also wanted to have free access to all of my boxes, I decided to add a few shelves that helped me get everything organized in the blink of an eye.

Solid metal shelves are an excellent alternative to stacking boxes if you have the head height. Your back will appreciate that you won’t have to lift boxes off of each other to get items. I got mine from a garage sale, so it didn’t cost me a fortune, but adjustable metal shelving is available on Amazon too and the price range is somewhere between $40 to $110 or more. Depending on your budget!

Opt for transparent storage bins

One of the best ways to organize your attic is to buy multiple transparent storage bins of different sizes. Clear containers, such as this 20-piece set of Storage Container Bin with Latching Lid on Amazon for about $26.09, let you see inside and locate the item or items you’re searching for much more easily.

Additionally, you can keep your stuff out of the attic and dust-free by using bins with snugly sealed lids. In case transparent storage bins aren’t available, you can always go for any other color available and put labels on the side.

Vacuum seal seasonal garments

You don’t need that coat until next autumn? Before tucking it away in a random box, think about how to save some space but also store it accordingly. In most cases, our bulky winter clothes occupy valuable space, so why not try vacuum storage bags? They’re a true blessing plus it’s easy to use them.

Besides seasonal garments, you can also vacuum seal your bulky blankets to make room for other stuff on the shelves.

Install a rod for bulky clothes

I don’t recommend you store your best clothes in the attic, especially if it isn’t insulated yet. However, if the space in your closet is quite limited and you and your family share a lot of clothes, consider installing a rail for clothes in your attic.

To protect them from mold or moths, consider putting them in clothes bags before putting them on the rod. Closet rods are useful not just for supporting larger clothes but also for supporting wreaths and baskets.

Install a rack close to the ceiling

For those who store bulkier goods in their attic, such as heavy ski equipment and camping gear, this is a wonderful storage concept. A rack mounted to the ceiling also maximizes otherwise wasted space, freeing up the floor for more storage. Win-win!

organizing your attic
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Create areas for storage

It’s almost done. You mounted the shelves, bought the necessary boxes to put your items in and your attic is starting to look more welcoming. Well done! Sorting your stuff will allow you to designate areas for the storage of each type of object when you bring everything back up. Once the optimal storage strategy that works for you has been established, combine all the boxes that contain similar items in the same place.

I suggest separating your stuff into three categories: the ones you use frequently, seasonal or items that you use only on special events, and finally the less utilized ones. This trick will help you organize your attic and know exactly where everything is.

Labels, labels, labels!

If you don’t want to snoop and make a mess out of your attic over and over again, I suggest you rely on labeling your storage bins. Use a permanent marker of your choice of color and stick it on each box. My attic space is so tidy now, I could go there blindly and know exactly where my stuff is!


Start organizing your house from top to bottom. Begin with the attic whether you’re moving, setting up a new place, or just need a little decluttering. I can guarantee it’s therapeutic too! Create a strategy, organize everything in your attic, sort, and decide what you must keep and what to throw, and then set up your storage strategy.

If you find these tips helpful, please share them with your friends. They will surely appreciate it!

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