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11 Tips for a Better Closet Organization

Say goodbye to clutter and follow these tips for better closet organization!

The closet organization might be a real pain in the neck, especially if you have limited space but a lot of clothes. Some people do a deep cleaning of their closets only in between seasons to sort things out, donate, or throw away those that aren’t able to be worn anymore.

While it may seem easy to just hang everything, different kinds of clothing require different ways to be organized for the best storage. But how do I do it? Where to start?

In today’s article, I had a chat with a couple of organization experts who were eager to share some of the best closet organizations, no matter if you have a big or a small space. With this in mind, let’s start the list of 12 tips on how to declutter and enjoy a tidy closet.

closet organization
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1. Empty your closet

The first step towards closet organization is to empty it. Besides sorting your things and seeing what you wear and what you don’t, perhaps you will discover an item you forgot about stuffed in a back corner.

Donate clothing that no longer fits, is too damaged to be repaired, hasn’t been worn in a year, or is never going back in style. For better closet organization, use drawer organizers, closet systems, and over-the-door rack holders.

2. Create a system

Rather than using fabric boxes that conceal the garments, it is better to utilize shelf dividers to keep folded piles of clothing neat. To draw attention to the garments, you may also use identical hangers, which will visually blend into the background.

Consider installing a closet system with clearly visible portions if your closet isn’t divided into sections and compartments so you have something to work with.

3. Use wooden hangers for your best clothes

After you sorted your clothes now it’s time to take the closet organization to the next level. Use wooden hangers to display your finest clothing, including gowns, coats, and delicate blouses. When storing clothing, these big, strong hangers help the items maintain their contours.

Use day-of-the-week dividers to split hanging clothing into pairs for the next week, which will simplify your morning routine. With the help of this easy sorting method, you may inspect clothes in advance and have time to fix any defects or remove any stains before Monday arrives. Because we all know how hectic Monday mornings are and this strategy simplifies getting dressed and running.

4. Sort the hanging clothing by category

For a top-notch closet organization, it’s nice to have your clothes divided by category. Make a labeling system similar to a closet string that indicates where items belong so you can quickly locate what you’re searching for, then put everything back where it belongs.

Keeping related items together, such as button-down shirts or coats, simplifies clothes storage and prevents you from packing too much in one area. This also keeps other clothes from wrinkling or tumbling off hangers.

These ten-piece white clothes rack size dividers are available on Amazon for both men’s and women’s sizes. You can sort your garments based on popular items, such as dresses, sleeveless tops, and skirts for women and blazers or jackets for men.

5. Take advantage of top shelves and put your jeans and sweaters in plain sight

The fifth best closet organization hack is to fold your garments that don’t especially need hangers. T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, and other items work just fine folded.

Arrange them however you want, and put labels at the bottom of the shelf in front of each pile to make it easier to find them. If your closet lacks drawers, organize your socks and lingerie in different baskets and put them on the top shelves as well.

6. Tuck away least-used items

Items that you wear only seldom or out of season, such as beautiful shoes and Halloween costumes, should go in the bottom of your closet. If you don’t have the necessary space for them, it might also be a good idea to store them in boxes on top of the closet, or under the bed.

7. Consider vacuum-seal storage bags

If the method of storing the stuff you use occasionally under the bed doesn’t work for you, you can also consider using vacuum-seal storage bags!

Purchase retail vacuum bags or create your own at home using a vacuum machine and a large transparent drawstring trash bag. Suck the air out of the bag and securely tie it tight.

Until you need them, store these bags in a storage area, bottom corner, or top shelf, depending on how much space you have in the closet.

8. Hang the handbags

When I did the so-called quest for closet organization, I followed the expert’s advice and looked up some hooks that allowed me to hang things on the back of the wardrobe door. I found on Amazon this pack of 12 S hooks available for just $9.99. And trust me when I say it’s worth the money!

Its twisted chrome metal design uses the top portion of the hook to hang on a rod and the bottom portion to keep your precious bags and purses. This is a great concept if you’re a woman; if not, tell your wife about it. It will be really appreciated by her!

closet organization
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9. Label everything

Labeling is important, as you will repeatedly hear if you watch any contemporary home organizing TV series. You won’t have to waste time looking for certain clothes in your closet if you properly organize its contents.

Although there are a lot of label makers out there, this user-friendly Talented Kitchen 133 Closet Labels for Bins and Baskets offers customization options in terms of fonts, sizes, colors, and templates.

10. Still not enough space? Double the rod

You have so much stuff from clothes to accessories and even with all these closet organization tips they still don’t fit? Before panicking or rushing to order a bigger wardrobe there is another clever solution to the problem.

Purchase an adjustable closet rod that hangs from your current rod to make the most of your space without packing it too full. If you have a lot of clothes but little room, this is certainly one of the best options.

The majority of these rods are composed of strong metal, which allows the product to be expanded up to 30 inches in width. Its height may also be changed by thirty-five inches.

11. Try the seasonal hanging method

If you want to be honest with yourself about what you wear and don’t wear, think about doing this. Turn your hangers one way using the seasonal hanger technique tool, then the other way once you’ve worn the item.

Once the season is done, take stock of everything you didn’t wear and determine if it’s suitable for donation. It’s usually time to give it away or sell the item if you haven’t used it in a year.

If this article about closet organization got your attention and you find it useful, don’t forget to spread it to your friends! And before leaving, you may also be interested in 9 Best Shoe Storage Tricks to Stop the Hallway Clutter.

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