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10 Crucial Things to Declutter In Autumn

Going on a cleaning spree is not something that should happen only in spring. Spring cleaning is a good time to get rid of cobwebs and give your home a fresh vibe but autumn cleaning is also a necessary transition step from one season to another.

Fall cleaning is important because it sets the tone for all those months you’ll be spending inside the house. Don’t you want the time spent indoors to be in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere? Well, you’ll be able to do just that only if you declutter your home and get rid of all those unnecessary things.

Here’s where to start first for a tidy and organized home, ready for fall events and winter moments.

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Old cables and cords

Most people, I’m sure you do too, have a drawer or a box or something full of old cables, cords and electronics, kept around for later use. The truth is you’ll never ever use any of those items ever again. So, do yourself a favor and get rid of your old phone chargers, unused televisions, old cables and whatnot, and create space for items that really matter.

According to cleaning expert Caroline Solomon, you can also cash in from the items you intend to get rid of by recycling them. “At most Best Buy stores, you can recycle up to three items per household per day,” she says. Not to mention they offer all sorts of discounts on new items, depending on the items that you recycle.

Work clothes you no longer wear

Remember the back-to-school routine of renewing your wardrobe every fall when school started? Well, try doing the same thing even if you’re an adult now. Every fall, when you start decluttering your home, give your wardrobe a refresh as well.

Select what you no longer wear and put it aside, maybe even donate it to Goodwill or Dress for Success. If they’re in very good condition, selling them on eBay might also be a good idea to get some money back.

School and home office supplies

Speaking of pre-school routines, fall is the perfect season to go through school and office supplies and throw away things you and the kids no longer need. Broken pens and pencils, used notebooks and all sorts of unnecessary stationery items. This way you get to see what your kids really need when school starts.

In addition, decluttering means your workspace will be more organized, and guess what, an organized space increases productivity, according to specialists.

Empty cardboard boxes

For sure, shopping online is a very convenient endeavor. But every good thing comes with a downside. In this case, the pile of cardboard boxes that only gets bigger and bigger every week.

Make fall the perfect moment to put an end to this growing pile by taking these empty boxes and recycling them. This way you’ll win some free space and your house will stop looking like DHL’s storage. Not to mention you prevent creepy pests from hiding in your home when the cold weather starts. Empty boxes are a haven for cockroaches, termites as well as mice.

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Torn shoes

Apart from the work clothes you no longer wear or can no longer be used due to tear, fall can also be a good time to throw away your broken shoes. As recommended by Solomon, make an inventory of your shoes to see what can still be worn and what not. As a general rule, something that you haven’t worn in the last 2 years is something you no longer need.

Old towels

Something else you need to get rid of during the fall decluttering is your old, ratty towels. If they look like they’ve outlived their life, there’s no point in keeping them around, only to gather dust on the shelves. You can turn some into dust cloths or you can just donate them to an animal shelter. Animal shelters usually receive towels and blankets to use for bedding and other purposes.

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Camping gear

Whether we like it or not, camping days are over. Instead of throwing your camping gear in a box, in a corner of your garage, why don’t you take a closer look and see what’s worth keeping for next summer and what should end up in the trash?

Sort and declutter the camping gear and free some space to store other equipment or supplies. Not to mention you will be up and ready for your next camping adventure the moment warm weather hits next year, without the hassle of running through the gear and eliminating broken or duplicate gear.

Freezer storage

Your freezer is also in need of decluttering, so, why not do it this fall? Especially since there are all sorts of autumn sales on turkeys, soups, pies, and other favorite items that will require storage space.

So, throw away expired or freezer-burned food and make space for new items. This way you’ll always have food in the freezer and be prepared to cook something delicious.

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Baking supplies

Similarly, your baking supplies also require some inventory and decluttering. Fall and winter are the seasons of extra baking activities, from pumpkin pies to cinnamon rolls and gingerbread. You’ll need fresh ingredients if you want your baking to be successful.

Throw away the outdated supplies and the ones you have opened but not used recently. Clean all the containers before putting anything new inside and maybe label them to make sure you find what you need in the blink of an eye.

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Summer decorations

When summer ends and days are getting shorter and colder, it’s normal to want to create a cozy and warm space indoors. But until the weather gets really chilly, you still have some time left when fall starts, to put away the summer decorations and bring out the autumn ones. Fuzzy blankets, scented candles, pumpkins, whatever spells coziness and autumn to you.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to sift through the summer seasonal items and keep the ones you truly need and like and get rid of the rest. Since we’re on the subject of weather getting colder, guess who else likes warm and cozy environments? Find out here: 10 Cleaning Habits That Are Inviting Spiders Into Your Home

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