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9 SHOCKING Things Professional Organizers Would Never Use

You would never see any professional organizers rely on any of these very popular items!

There are a lot of pieces of advice that professional organizers have shared with us over the years, and since the Marie Kondo method has taken over all our lives.

However, for how much advice there is out there about how you can best organize your spaces, there are not as many pieces of advice on what not to do or what to avoid buying, despite it sounding like the way to solve all your clutter issues.

Let’s be candid for a moment: there are a lot of organizing products on which you can spend a ton of money, but they are not actually going to help you do much in terms of organizing your space. All they will do is create even more clutter, crowd your space, and leave you with the problem unsolved.

There are a ton of organizing solutions out there, and while some of them you may be using and thinking they got the issue you are dealing with done, they may actually work against you, or you may just be kidding yourself when it comes to them.

A lot of professional organizers have certain items that they swear against, and today we shall share with you all the ones that we have heard of from them and why they avoid them!

From items that seem specifically designed to deal with a specific clutter issue all the way to items that we have been using for years, continue reading to discover the organizing items professional organizers would never recommend and what you can use instead, along with all the reasons behind these choices!

Do you use any of these items? Have they helped you, or do you find them more of a hindrance? Any and all thoughts you may have on this subject, leave them in the comments below!

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Filing cabinets

These filing cabinets may be a great solution for offices, or they were useful back before we had databases on computers, but they do not have much usage inside your home. As the idea goes, papers do get sorted inside them (if you spend the time to create your own way of filing them), but they rarely come out of the cabinet after they were put inside.

The reason why professional organizers do not enjoy using filing cabinets is that in a normal family home, they generally have no place. It is just another chest of drawers, and chances are that you will not stick to a certain way of filing papers, so you will end up just throwing them inside the cabinet and forgetting about them.

The file drawers will end up being just as cluttered as other parts of the home, and when you need to find a certain type of paper, you will no longer be able to find it due to the clutter that you have created.

Not to mention, a file cabinet is pretty bulky and takes up a lot of space, and you will just eat up both space and time trying to upleap one of these. Instead, you should concentrate on getting a shelf and having single file boxes. That way, you can organize them by year and the type of documents you have inside of them. You will be able to store them safely and easily access them at any time.

What’s more, you can make a special box for annual tax returns; that way, when the time comes, you can easily locate all the things you need to file along with the supporting documents, if there are any!

Shower organizers with suction cups

When it comes to the bathroom, it seems like real estate sometimes forgets that you need the space to make it functional. Not all bathrooms lack storage spaces, but when it comes to the shower, we all end up having more things than space to store them.

One of the solutions a lot of us have used is to get a shower organizer with suction cups. It is easy to install and pretty reliable, but when you turn around to ask a professional organizer if this is a good idea or not, they will say it is not. At one point or another, the organizer will start to slip under the weight of all the shampoo bottles and other knick-knacks you keep around for the shower.

It happened not once for those to fall mid-shower or in the middle of the night, and be it that it became a tripping hazard or it gave people heart attacks, they have got to go! Not to mention, if it is light enough and a few suction cups can keep it upright, then it will not be able to hold too many items.

Instead of relying on these items, you should invest in a 3M Command shower organizer. It uses water-resistant adhesive strips that are bound to keep the caddy upright, and you can install as many as you need— no more bulky shower organizers that keep slipping or bottles of soap or shampoo lining your shower or tub corners!

Tiered clothes hangers

These types of cloth hangers sound like an amazing idea: you can save space and keep everything organized with only one item. However, when you stop to think about them, you can easily understand why professional organizers have a strong stance against them.

You can indeed use one hanger to store multiple pieces of clothing, but when you inadvertently end up needing the one that is stored under a number of other ones, it becomes a problem. It will take you more time to pick that one item out of the bunch of them, and the chance may have it that in your quest you will end up wearing the item of clothing.

They sound like a good idea, but in the end, they will give you even more things to do around the house. What can you use instead of these tiered clothes hangers? We present to you non-slip, slim hangers!

They can easily streamline your closet, make everything even, and save you the hassle of having to wrestle something off a tiered hanger. If you end up using the same type of hanger, you will not only create cohesion in your closet but also easily see all the clothing items you have. It will make it easier to find certain items, and if you use the slim ones, you can save up to 30 percent of the rod space!

Give them a try!

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Floor shoe organizers

Getting your home entrance organized can sometimes be more trouble than it should be. A good way with which we have all tried to bring some order to these spaces is to use floor organizers for our shoes. And while these are a great way to make sure you do not trip on your way out, they end up being a bad choice for the closet!

Let’s be honest: we all have thought that adding a show organizer in the closet will make the most of the space. The reality is that they actually eat up a lot of the closet space. Since a lot of them are quite bulky, they can end up wrinkling some of your longer items, depending on how big your closet is, and you will end up losing your shoes.

The closet is generally a dark space, and using the floor shoe organizer for them is going to be more of a problem than you would like it to be, and you will forget about one or two pairs of shoes.

The best way to both organize your shoes and make the most of your closet space, according to multiple professional organizers, is to give a chance to a hanging shoe organizer. That way, you can hang it on the door of your closet, and you will be able to see most of your shoes.

You can keep the ones you wear most often during that season in the entryway for easy access, and then in the closet, keep the ones that are either not season-appropriate or are for special occasions.
Your shoe collection will thank you!

Jewelry boxes

Ladies, this one is mostly aimed at you, though we know that men also have accessory collections, even if they are not made out of earrings. It has been thought that jewelry boxes are one of the best ways to store your jewelry. Yet, while it is one of the best ways to store them, it is not the smartest one if you have an extensive collection. Let us explain!

Relying on jewelry boxes for most of your collection if you like to accessorize ends up creating the same issue that tiered clothes hangers and even the floor shoe organizers did: you will not be able to see everything you own.

Jewelry boxes are great for important and expensive pieces that you only wear on special occasions. But when it comes to everyday jewelry that you try to accessorize with your outfits, keeping everything in boxes is going to ensure that you forget about certain pieces.

The best way to store your everyday pieces is to ditch the jewelry box and get a hanging or wall organizer for jewelry. That way, you will be able to display your pieces while also being able to see most of them. You will ensure that you are not going to forget about certain pieces while also keeping our options in plain sight.

The best thing yet? When you organize your collection this way, you may easily see what needs a good cleaning!

Since jewelry boxes are not the best choice and you should get a hanging or wall organizer, we think that we should give you a hand and help you get started with your new endeavor of hanging your jewelry. This one from Amazon is a great way to start, no matter if you have a lot of jewelry or just a few pieces.

Countertop spice racks

You have definitely seen both professional organizers and other people rave about spice racks in the last few years. These items are indeed an amazing way through which you can keep your spices fresh and organize them in an easy-to-see way. However, if you have a turnstile of spice jars on your countertop, you may just make a professional organizer roll their eyes at you!

Countertop space, unless you have a huge kitchen (though to be candid, if you like to cook, all countertop space ends up being too little at one point), is generally limited. Taking up a lot of space with a bulky spice rack is counterproductive, and you are better off storing them in another way.

The best way, which has been recommended by a lot of professionals, is to give your species part of or a whole kitchen drawer. You can easily keep them in order using an expendable spice rack or even a trusty kitchen drawing organizer.

That way, you can easily make space on the countertop for other items or just for yourself to cook, and you will only take out the jars when you need them. A plus is that not always being exposed to the kitchen will ensure that your jars will keep being spotless and splatter-free, making them a breeze to clean and a joy to work with.

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Battery specific boxes

A good rule of thumb is to have around a number of batteries on hand that are going to fit all the devices in your home. That way, if your mouse or TV remote ends up not working, you can easily change its battery.

The problem arises if you just make yourself a box of batteries or just toss them in a drawer for when you will need them. When you eventually require one, you will not be able to find the batteries you need, if at all, because you forgot which box they are in or what drawer you put the box into.

It is more of a waste of time, and while the idea of a battery box is not bad, ending up with packs upon packs of batteries with only one or two taken out because you cannot find them when you need them is not good for your wallet or for decluttering purposes.

This is why you should be investing in a special battery container: these ones have slots specifically made to fit certain types of batteries, and that way you can make a special place for this particular container. You will be able to keep everything organized and easy to see while also knowing when you have to refill a certain type of battery.

What’s more, professional organizers also love these types of containers because most come with a battery tester included! That way, you can test your batteries to see if they are still working or not, or to see if the rechargeable ones you have are still charged or empty!

Round variety of storage containers

Yes, we know that round containers are more often than not prettier and more aesthetic than square ones. However, they come along with the drawback that they are, in fact, round.

All types of round containers will not sit flush against the wall or one another, thus easily eating up storage space. You may not think much of this, but in the long run, or if you have a small pantry, you will end up being annoyed at the fact that there is no more space for other items.

Square containers are way easier to organize, as they align well and can easily fit in the corners of cabinets or kitchen spaces. They are overall easier to work with, and if you find that your cabinets or pantry are always cluttered, it may be a good way to resolve this issue.

Professional organizers prefer these types of containers, foregoing the round ones, especially if you do not have them already.

Fancy gift-wrap organizers

This one may not be on your list of items that you think about, but if you love to wrap gifts, the gift-wrap organizer has definitely come up on your radar! If you have been thinking about maybe getting one, this is your sign to not get it. And professional organizers agree with us that this is not the best way to keep your gift wrap organized.

The reason why these “specific” organizers are not good is because they will end up wrinkling and even ripping the wrapping paper since you will be trying to arrange the rolls in the container. The problem there is that most of them are not made with all types and sizes of rolls in mind, and they are not thought to hold more than rolls, so your ribbons and bows will need another place.

The best way to organize all your wrapping paper rolls is to find an open-top trash can! That way, you can get a taller one, which will end up holding all types of rolls, and you will easily be able to see them all. And since they are bigger, you will have space for other wrapping materials on the side as well!

These are just a few of the items a lot of professional organizers do not like using, since they will create more problems in the long run. The best news is that we have talked with other professionals as well, and they have shared even more secrets with us. Read all about the best shower cleaners, recommended by cleaning professionals!

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