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6 Organizing Trends That You Should Leave Behind Right Now

Organizing trends are constantly changing, and many times you can truly learn some cool tips that can improve the quality of your life, but other times you might stumble upon some of the worst organizing trends.

We know that you want to have a tidy and organized home, and this is why you are searching for better ways to do that, but remember to always choose only what suits you best. The best organizing strategies are the ones that you can easily sustain, and because of this, you should always filter all of the information that you find.

Sure, maybe you read something from a decor magazine, and some of these tips work and look amazing in theory, but when you want to apply them to your home, things are not perfect anymore.

Here are some of the worst organizing trends that you should always steer clear of if you want to make your life easier and your home more tidy.

worst organizing trends
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1. Never make it too aesthetic

All of those rainbow bookshelves with everything arranged by color look incredibly pretty, and maybe you wish to have something similar in your home, but before engaging in such a project, try to first think about whether it’s the most practical solution.

If you want to have a more organized space, it is better to choose strategies that will help you find what you need faster, and this is why color coding is one of the worst organizing trends.

If some items have the same color, it does not mean that they are from the same category. Organizing your stuff according to the color rule might mess up any trace of order that you ever had before. Colors don’t follow logic.

The same goes for every trend that aims to be as aesthetic as possible. You might focus too much on how things look instead of maximizing effectiveness.

Yet, if you like the idea of organizing things by their color, you can do this with clothes. There is nothing wrong with arranging your garments by color.

2. Storing bulk products in a small home is a big no-no

In the last few years, it has become more and more popular to buy in bulk, and there are a few good reasons for this. Buying in bulk can be good for your wallet, and you will also need to make fewer trips to the grocery store.

If you are a fan of the YouTube videos where people present how they organize their pantries, you might have seen that they always buy in bulk, but there is a little detail that you might have missed: most of them have huge homes and big pantries.

If you live in a small house, this is one of the worst organizing trends. It is already impossible to fit all of those items you have bought in bulk into your home. You have no space for this, and we imagine that you don’t want to transform your whole living space into a pantry.

We can understand that it is tempting to buy more stuff all at once and save a few bucks, but if you have no place to store it, you better not do it.

3. The “beautiful refrigerators”

Social media has been invaded by various posts and pictures with beautifully curated refrigerators where everything has its place, everything is sorted by color, and everything just looks so aesthetically pleasing.

But do you need a fridge like this? Sure, it looks amazing, but if you want to make it look so stylized, you need items you can put in the fridge. You might need that space for something else, not things that you might not even need, such as various sauces and so on.

Generally, most families will cook big meals, and if this is your case and you want to have a place where you can store all of the leftovers, then this might be one of the worst organizing trends.

Decanting liquids, like juices, is not necessary. It’s all just aesthetic reasons; the primary objective is to free up time and space for your daily activities. If you have all of that stuff inside your fridge, you will have no more space left for the things that you truly need.

4. Folding underwear and socks in complex ways

If you want to optimize your time as much as possible, this is for sure one of the worst organizing trends for you. It might already take you too much time to fold your laundry, but making origami from your socks is already a little bit over the top.

This strategy is not sustainable and is not the best way to organize things. It is easier to fold things classically and simply put them inside the drawer. All you need to do is keep them in categories and not combine them.

Not only is it a lot simpler to store socks and underwear in their separate containers after doing laundry, but it’s also quite simple to quickly find them when needed.

5. Decanting everything

Food products can be decanted to preserve freshness for extended periods of time and to save space in your kitchen by combining packaging. It can complicate kitchen organization, though, as it is not a solution that works for everyone or any space.

If you decide that you want to decant everything, you should be aware that this can mess up your schedule since doing this might take up a lot of time. Imagine that you will have to refill every canister one by one. If you are not ready for this, you should skip this one and put it in the worst organizing trends category.

Besides this, if you put all of your goods in separate containers, you will lose all of the information that is written on the package. That info may be valuable, and losing it has a chance to make your life harder. What can happen if someone is allergic to a cleaning product, laundry detergent, or food item and you don’t have the package anymore?

worst organizing trends
Image By B Calkins From Shutterstock

6. Too many labels

Labels can be extremely useful, but if you overdo it, things can get quite complicated, and if you plan to use them to simplify and organize your life, this is easily among the worst organizing trends.

You might think that any professional organizer uses a ton of labels, and this is what makes them so organized, but this is not how things work. It is such a thing as having too many labels around your home. It is real, and it actually happens pretty often.

Although labels make it easier for us to recall where things belong, they may not always be necessary, depending on the person or situation.

Choose labels carefully for your house if you still feel the need to use them in certain situations. Large labels should be avoided in favor of more compact, subtle alternatives.

Rather than naming your bathroom items “Cold Medicines,” for example, it might sometimes be more useful to have wide category classifications like “First Aid” and “Medicine.”

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