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Space-Saving Hangers: Make More Room in Your Closet With These 8 Options

What are some of the best space-saving hangers?

Closets have come a long way since the days of wire hangers and mothballs. With design experts compelling us with swoon-worthy glam shots on social media and home shows dedicated to organizing clothes in rainbow sequence, there’s now a wide range of space-saving hangers to choose from.

You might think, “They are hangers; they all look the same!” Well, this couldn’t be far from true. Not all hangers are created equal, and choosing the right option really affects how functional your closet is.

According to organizing experts, if you own a variety of clothing, it’s extremely helpful to mix and match hangers that work for each category, even if they are different versions. However, try to keep the colors consistent so they look cohesive across the closet.

Most people don’t feel like investing in good hangers because they think they aren’t super important. But it’s important to keep in mind that clothes keep their shape better when put away on the proper hanger. So what should you avoid?

According to experts, plastic or wire dry-cleaner hangers are a big no. They are notorious for bending, breaking, and ruining the shoulders of shirts.

Lucky for us, convenience and aesthetics go hand in hand these days, and we can now find some of the best closet organizers. So, if you want to squeeze extra storage out of your closet, here are some of the best space-saving hangers available on the market!

space-saving hangers
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1. High-grade wooden suit hangers

Some of the best space-saving hangers are wooden ones. They are like the workhouse of the closet: long-lasting, strong, and elegant. While wooden hangers can be pricey, they are definitely a wise investment.

Luckily for you, we’ve found a version that checks all the boxes at a pretty affordable price. Made of durable lotus wood, these hangers come varnished for a smooth, snag-free finish and feature a vinyl-covered pant bar so your suit trousers won’t slip off to the bottom of the closet.

They also boast notched sholders, which are perfect for hanging strappy dresses and camisoles. And yes, those sholders are also topped with the same vinyl grip that makes clothes stay in place.

2. Flocked velvet heavy-duty hangers

Another option of space-saving hangers are these from Elama, which are slim yet strong enough to hold heavy garments. According to organizing experts, the more clothes you have, the slimmer the hardware needs to be.

These ones are sturdy, space-saving, and skinny in all the right places. Not only do they have extra-slim dimensions, but you get 30 pieces for just $20, which is a price that’s pretty hard to beat.

The soft, non-slip, luxurious velvet material holds the clothes without sagging or falling and leaves no creases on them. The contoured shoulders also prevent wide-necked clothes from slipping off the hanger. The blue color is so pretty, too.

3. Non-slip velvet hangers

Velvet hangers are also among the best space-saving hangers. Once you switch to them, you’ll likely have a why-didn’t-I-know-about-this-until-now moment. These non-slip velvet hangers feature a super-slim profile, which means you’ll be able to squeeze extra storage out of your closet.

Not to mention their big claim to fame—an extremely soft, velvety coating—which keeps in place even the most silky, slippery unbuttoned blouse. Plus, the chrome-plated swivel neck makes it very easy to put away clothing since you don’t have to worry which way the hook is facing.

According to customer reviews, these space-saving hangers don’t break, they never fade, and their quality is superb.

Photo by Yang Zhen Siang from Shutterstock

4. Metal non-slip standard hangers

What’s great about the space-saving hangers we can now find on the market is that they can also be elegant. Take these golden metal ones as an example. Not only are they super slim, but they will also give your closet a sleek, minimalist look.

Featuring U-shaped notches to help keep clothes from falling off, this slim version is an excellent choice. But don’t let the scaled-down specs fool you: Despite its lightweight silhouette, the hanger is made from durable, break-resistant metal wire, strong enough to shoulder heavier garments like jackets and coats.

The bilateral notches make these space-saving hangers very useful for hanging skirts, dresses, and clothes with straps, preventing them from falling. The end of the hook features a solicone cap that is used to prevent scratches.

5. Basic walnut wooden hangers

There’s nothing more exasperating than seeing a double-breasted wool coat on the floor of the closet because the flimsy hanger tore apart. To prevent this situation, invest in these space-saving hangers made of 100% solid hardwood.

While they may take up a little more space than the more slim, velvety options and are often higher in price, wood does the job in such a way that it puts lightweight versions to shame. (And, anyway, most people own fewer coats than clothes, so the amount spent on hangers is less daunting than outfitting an entire closet.)

The extra-durable wood on these classic hangers will undeniably last for years. Get them, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t used them until now.

6. Heavy-duty open-ended easy slide hangers

The ultimate space-saving hangers, these open-ended versions are different from the standard ones, but they do the job perfectly. If you don’t want to stack sweaters on the shelves, it’s important to hang them properly so you don’t wind up with shapeless, extra-long knitwear.

These hangers are great because you can fold your sweaters over the bar so you don’t stretch out the material. Similar to other models, the non-slip-coated bars help keep clothes in place.

While typically designed for trousers, these open-ended hangers make the job a bit easier since you don’t have to struggle to fit a clunky knit through the hole of the hanger.

Photo by Rachel Otley from Shutterstock

7. No-shoulder-bumbs velvet suit hangers

Similar to other space-saving hangers, these models also come covered in velvet. But what’s unique about them is that their design makes full use of the principle of force. The love hole isn’t only cute but also designed for cascading another hanger together, thus saving space in your closet.

Unlike cheap wire hangers, these feature a natural contour shoulder shape that’s meant to preserve your clothes shape, and your ironed clothes won’t get wrinkly. The hooks on both sides are perfect for suspender skirts, and the triangular structure fully demonstrates the load-bearing shape of the hanger.

What’s more, you can choose from black, ivory, pink, and titanium gray.

8. Skirt hangers

Of course, there are space-saving hangers for skirts too! Skirts can be difficult to hang up because they can easily slide and slip, but not with these hangers that come with clips! So, instead of putting your skirts on the arms of the hangers like you do with your shirts, you’ll just have to clip each side of the skirt into place.

The hanger also features notched arms, which can be used to hang a matching top. The non-slip material—velvet, of course—serves to keep straps and sleeves in place.

You’ll want to limit the amount of clothes you put away on each hanger because they can only support up to 10 pounds each.

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