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9 Worst Decluttering Myths Debunked By the Pros

Are you ready to see which decluttering myths are the worst? 

Decluttering isn’t always fun, especially if you have a ton of items to sort out, and this might take a while. But nobody is rushing you to do it! While decluttering might be a daunting process, keep in mind the incredible transformation that awaits your living space. Imagine the possibilities and let your excitement fuel your determination to reach your goal. Trust me, it will be worth it!

Although some people find decluttering easy, there are decluttering myths that may be preventing you from completing this important chore, even if you would like to declutter.  So, before you start gathering cardboard boxes and beginning the cleaning spree, forget about these popular misconceptions:

decluttering myths
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1. If it’s not perfectly tidy, then why bother

When it comes to decluttering myths, this is probably one of the biggest out there! For certain, there is no such thing as “perfect,” so stop thriving for this.

I know we’re living in an era in which everybody shares everything on social media, but decluttering shouldn’t be about having a pantry, living room, or closet fit for Pinterest or Instagram—this is about sustainability and reachability.

Try to create your own oasis in a way in which you have everything organized. Decluttering is a powerful way to start anew and refresh your surroundings. Don’t think of it as a place where you’re required to maintain high standards and be perfect.

2. If you start decluttering you must do everything in one run

Cleaning is usually a process that may last a while, especially if you haven’t sorted your stuff in a while. And that’s totally OK! Don’t panic, and instead of believing decluttering myths, do everything at your own pace.

If it helps you, write a list with everything you want to keep and put everything you want to throw, sell, or donate in boxes. Take your time to decide, because nobody is rushing you to do it. Some people may take one week or more, while others may be faster and finish everything in less than three days. Start with the space in which you have the fewest items. This will give you a boost of motivation!

3. It’s just a matter of time when everything will be a mess again

This sounds more disappointing than encouraging and is just one of those decluttering myths on the list. However, once you begin organizing, it becomes much simpler to keep your house tidy and more pleasant for you and your loved ones. With fewer items to handle, you’ll have less mess to deal with, and decluttering will free up physical space in your home and help you break the pattern of a filthy home.

4. If you aren’t a naturally organized person it will be even harder to keep an organized house

While there are people who always keep their living spaces minimalist and super tidy, there are also a lot of others who struggle with keeping them naturally organized. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn this habit!

Without establishing strict guidelines, you may maintain a decluttered and orderly house by sticking to basic everyday routines.  There isn’t a single, correct method for organizing; everyone’s method looks different. Instead of looking for other people’s advice, try creating a system that works for you.

5. If I don’t have matching containers to store my items, then the house won’t be cluttered

Back to being a perfectionist. Once you let go of this idea, you will start to be more open-minded about decluttering. Despite their attractive appearance, storage containers don’t always need to cost a fortune. Try to put use before style and avoid buying ostentatious, astronomically priced containers to aid in your decluttering. Make use of the items you already have at home.

Tupperware containers, bowls, jars, and bags that may be recycled are excellent friends in need whenever you want to declutter. If you want more items to maintain your budget while improving your organizing skills, you could give the Dollar Tree Store a chance. It offers a wide range of affordable choices for housekeeping organizations.

Looking for adhesive stickers for storage bins? Get 350 strong adhesive stickers for only $9.99 on Amazon. I bought three for my decluttering process, how many do you need?

6. Getting rid of items you don’t use is wasteful

But what’s the point in keeping them if you don’t find them useful for your needs anymore? This is probably one of the worst decluttering myths out there. Although certain items may be more difficult to part ways with, if your objective is to keep your area orderly, then storing items to support your purchase isn’t always the best idea.

If you want to make both yourself and other people happy, try to donate everything you don’t use anymore to hospitals, shelters, or other charitable organizations. By helping those in need, not only will you have more space for the things you truly need, but you’ll also experience a sense of satisfaction that comes from doing good. This is a win-win situation; you get to feel great about yourself while also helping others who really need it.

decluttering myths
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7. I’m not the kind to declutter since I don’t want to live a minimalist lifestyle

One thing is for sure: decluttering isn’t always black and white. It is possible to get rid of the extra items from your home without creating a minimalist space. Decluttering is about getting rid of stuff that isn’t necessary, helpful, or joyful for you, not about getting rid of everything.

Make sure to keep your essential items organized and tidy at all times to save yourself from the hassle of searching for them when needed.

8. What if I don’t need to declutter and just need to be more organized?

Decluttering and organizing are two different things, so don’t try to mix them up. Organizing should never come before decluttering. If you feel like everything in your house is disorganized and cluttered, resist the urge to merely throw everything in containers and spend endless hours arranging stuff you don’t even need.

Your home must first be decluttered before it can be organized. You’ll be able to see exactly what needs to be organized after you get rid of the things that no longer serve you. Without sounding too harsh, clutter in order is still clutter.

9. If I decluttered now it would be permanent

Bad news, because this ain’t the case! This is actually one of the worst decluttering myths I’ve heard over the years. Decluttering your space must be an ongoing, daily activity, but the secret is: don’t obsess over it.

I normally do it twice a year, once before winter and once before summer. Take a few hours to go through all the stuff that you own and see what you haven’t used for a while now. Perhaps you saved them for “rainy days” when you last decluttered, but now you realize they’re just gathering dust in the garage or attic and are useless.

The key to maintaining a consistently clean home is to establish a routine schedule for decluttering.

Step aside from these unhealthy decluttering myths and start organizing your home at your own pace!

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