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Watch Out! These Are The 11 Things You Should Never Put in the Washing Machine

Do you know what are the things you should never put in the washing machine? Check them out because you might be surprised!

If you have to do the laundry two or three times a week, then you definitely see this task as a never-ending one. And I can’t blame you! That’s why we must appreciate the help of a good washing machine. You just put everything inside it, turn it on, and voila: clean clothes. Easy, right?

However, before throwing everything in your washing machine, it’s very important to read all the labels on your clothes, because some of them might be too delicate while others should be hand washed only. Now let’s learn together what things you should never put in the washing machine:

never put in the washing machine
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1. Delicate clothing

The washing machine may ruin exquisitely delicate goods decorated with stones, sequins, or delicate stitching, particularly if the details have been glued rather than sewn.

Similarly, be careful while washing anything made of lace (like lingerie), since it can tear or rip in the washing machine, particularly if it comes into contact with articles of apparel that have buttons, hooks, or zippers.

It is recommended to never put all sorts of delicate clothing in the washing machine; instead, hand-wash them to protect their fabric.

2. Clothes with zippers and buttons

Another thing that you should never put in the washing machine is garments with buttons and zippers since they might destroy the drum. In case you need to wash clothes with zippers, ensure they are washed separately and the zippers are fully closed. The same goes for jeans with buttons; unbutton them all before washing.

3. Suits

After making a lot of mistakes myself and ending up ruining a lot of clothes, I learned some things I’d love to share with you! This one sounds probably common sense, but one of the things you should never put in the washing machine is suits.

If you want to make sure that your favorite suit lasts for many years, take it to the dry cleaning service. They are experts that can assist you in cleaning it without causing any damage.

4. Ties

You just bought a new tie, and you’re so proud of it that you must wear it at the next family meeting. The day had come, and while you were careful not to drop something on it, a relative spilled a bit of wine on your tie and shirt. The horror! Now it’s ruined, and it has a huge stain on it. What can you do?

Well, before you rush to wash it, keep in mind that ties are one of the things you should never put in the washing machine because they’re so delicate they may get ruined. You better hand-wash it or ask for the help of a professional cleaner.

5. Running shoes with stripes of leather

You can definitely wash your sports shoes in the machine, but only if they’re made of fabric. And even like that, some washing programs can shrink them, so make sure you read the labels before and avoid tumble-drying as much as possible.

Additionally, keep in mind that washing shoes with leather embellishments can harm the leather. Also, make sure to take out the insoles from each shoe, place them in a different pillowcase, and let them air dry.

6. Swimsuits

If you want to keep your swimsuits “alive” as much as possible to enjoy the beach days on an island somewhere, keep them away from your washing machine. Since they are easy to hand-wash in warm water with a bit of detergent, do that instead of roughly washing them in your washing machine. It’s advisable to let them air dry.

…psst! Even if you are careful and avoid putting certain things in your washing machine it’s also important to take care of it and protect it from limescale. I usually use Calgon because it is recommended by professionals. Amazon has a great deal for the 500g powder at only $13.68.

7. Clothes covered in pet hair

Hey, pet owners! This is for you to remember that one of the things you should never put in the washing machine is your clothes that are full of hair. No matter how often you’re grooming your dog or your cat, it’s a continuous struggle to get rid of the hair from the clothes, furniture, and floor.

Why you shouldn’t put them in the washing machine? Because it may readily attach to the machine’s inside and plug the drain in addition to clumping on other clothing that might not have hair.

Use a roller to remove as much hair as possible before washing, rather than hurrying to the laundry machine. A tweezer may also be used to attempt to remove resistant hair. However, I would also recommend washing the clothes covered in pet hair separately from those that aren’t.

8. Bras

Bras are another thing you should never put in the washing machine since the washer can destroy the shape quickly. Especially if the program you usually use has a tumble dryer included.

Tears and rips may occur from the bra’s hooks becoming tangled in the washing machine’s cylinder or snagging other garments while being washed. Before thinking about throwing your bras in the washing machine, take into consideration hand washing them or if you’re in a hurry and you need it faster, toss them in a lingerie bag to protect them before putting them in the washer.

never put in the washing machine
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9. Sweaters

Surprisingly, one of the things you should never put in your washing machine is your sweaters, since the tumble dryer might ruin them. Sweaters are often composed of cashmere or wool, both of which readily sink and shrink after washing.

Use special bags to keep them safe (even at 30 degrees), and try to wash them by themselves. To be sure it’s safe to wash your sweater in the washing machine, read the labels first. Some of them are hand-washed only!

10. Blankets

If you want to keep your blankets cozy and nice for all your movie marathon evenings, never put them in the washing machine! Since most blankets can only be dry cleaned, it’s crucial to check their labels before washing them. Depending on the material, washing the blanket at a rough program might cause it to shrink or lose its softness.

11. Keys

It goes without saying that keys are something that you should never put in the washing machine! However, keys in pockets are something we all frequently forget; this is not surprising, and they usually land in the washing machine.

That’s why you should make sure to empty all of your pockets and take out anything that might break your equipment. Remember that the issue is even worse if you own an electric car or have keyless entry devices installed in your house. The proximity of water might cause malfunctions or short circuits in such devices.

Don’t forget to pin this list of things you should never put in the washing machine somewhere in the laundry room. You don’t know when you need it to remind you!

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