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6 Things Guests Always Notice About Your Home

When it comes to having guests around, there are no second chances here! You either make a lasting first impression or end up on the “bad hosts” list. You might have the right hosting skills and charming looks, but did you know your house can also have a big impact on how guests perceive you as a person?

That’s right, your house’s appearance can make people want to come over or run for the hills. Luckily, with the right work in the right places, you can make your house look like a 5-star hotel. Want to know what are the first things guests lay their eyes on when coming for a visit? Then, look no further, because we’ve rounded up the 6 most important aspects, as per home interior and design experts, you should get in order before having company over.

The smell

One very important aspect that can make or break a visit is the way your house smells. The moment you open the door to greet and invite someone inside your space, you decide whether your guests will say “Wow, what’s this incredible scent?” or “Eww, what’s that smell?”.

“The way your house smells is always the very first thing guests will notice,”  according to Joshua Blackburn, director of design and construction at Evolving Home. “While you might be used to the way your house smells, it might put off your visitors.” So, what’s it gonna be? Freshly baked brownies or smelly cats?

But worry not! If you do find yourself in a smelly situation and you know guests will soon arrive, just open the windows to let some fresh air in. You could also boil some citrus peels real quick or simply use a diffuser with your favorite scent. But be careful not to overdo it with heavy scents and make the air even more unbearable. Stick to citrus, vanilla, rosemary, thyme, or basil which give a cozy and comforting vibe, as suggested by Andra DelMonico, lead interior designer for Trendey.

The color

Yes, it’s true, colors can make or break. There’s an entire science, not only art, when it comes to colors, as using different colors can cause different reactions and effects. When it comes to interior design, not all colors look good on all walls.

Experts recommend calmer tones like blue or green for the bedroom and neutral ones for the living room. But before reaching the living room and admiring the paintings on the wall or your cozy sofa, guests first lay their eyes on the colors in your home and immediately form their first impression. Red, for example, shows confidence and energy, green projects balance and comfort while bright colors such as orange or yellow are associated with optimism and contentment.

What do you think the colors in your house say about you?

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The lighting

Similar to colors, lighting can also make a difference in the way a room, and subsequently, its owner, is perceived.  Where would you feel more comfortable ?In a room that is obscure and gloomy or one that looks spacious and light?

If you can, benefit from natural light as much as possible and leave curtains up during the day so that the sun rays can give your space the natural touch that it requires to give off comfort and coziness, suggests Yasmine El Sanyoura, home designer at Opendoor. If you cannot use natural light to your advantage, opt for lights with warmer tones, that create a warm and cheerful atmosphere and create a good feeling.

Turn your home into a welcoming place, full of light and good vibes, not a cave full of bats.

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The clutter

According to researchers, clutter has been found to cause stress and anxiety. You might be used to your clutter, but your guests will most likely feel overwhelmed by all the shelves full of God knows what. “If you have piles of stuff everywhere, your home will feel cluttered and dirty, which can feel uncomfortable for the people visiting,” suggests DelMonico.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff cluttering your home. Start by throwing away or donating the items you don’t need or haven’t used in ages. As per specialists, if you haven’t used an item for 2 years, its moment has long gone and it’s time to part ways with it.

If you still have a lot of things you need to store away, find a storage place for them, somewhere they cannot be seen on a daily basis. The idea is to create space on flat surfaces and floors. You can put the remaining items in designated storage containers so that you know what’s inside without trashing your place in search of a certain item. And if guests announce their arrival on short notice, you know exactly what goes where.

The personal style

Decluttering is not equivalent to your home lacking personality. It’s actually quite the opposite. Having more free space allows you to express yourself and give your place a personal touch. It’s the perfect opportunity to impress your guests and make them say “I want a painting just like that on my bedroom wall!”.

According to Christy Biberich, interior designer and founder of Christy B. Hom, you can benefit from the lack of clutter by putting some art photos or paintings on the walls, to reflect your interests and design skills. You can throw in some fluffy pillows on the sofa to make it seem more comfortable or some bookshelves to give the room a smart touch.

Not only will these items change the room completely, but they can also be used as conversation starters if you have guests coming over.

The dirt and grime

Last but not least, a clean home is your most important business card when it comes to guests. No one likes to come to a place full of dirt and grime all over the furniture and floors or bathroom walls. To make sure your guests are not running for the hills before you’ve had the chance to impress them with your cooking, give your place a thorough cleaning before having company over.

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Start by dusting the furniture, vacuuming, and making sure the décor is where it should be, like carpets or sofa, and move on to tidying up the kitchen, bathroom and other important areas of your house where guests will probably end up. “Doing this will make your room look more professional and spacious,” says Paige Anderson, an interior designer at Nitido Design.

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