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5 Shocking Items to NEVER Store in the Bathroom

Never store in the bathroom: these items have no place there!

There are items we should never store in the bathroom, but like with most things, we already have some of them in there. In the end, there are lots of items that we store in places where they should not be, yet we do not pay attention to them or do not know that we should not be doing these things.

When it comes to bathrooms, a lot more people store items there that they should not than people who know they should not be keeping them there. Sometimes it is because they do not have any other place for them; other times it is because they have always stored them there and they do not want to deal with the prospect of finding them another place to put them.

Most of the time, however, it is because we do not know that those items should never be stored in the bathroom. Since a lot of them are items we are used to keeping in bathrooms, we have gathered the most common items you should declutter from your bathroom and store somewhere else or just simply throw away here.

From items that should never be in the bathroom to some that you should not be keeping in your home anymore, keep reading to discover the items you should stop storing in the bathroom today!

When was the last time you decluttered your bathroom? Did you know about these products you should never store in the bathroom before? Have you dealt with problems from having certain items in there that you shouldn’t? Any and all thoughts you have on the matter, leave them in the comments!

never store in the bathroom
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Cleaning products

A lot of us have a stash of cleaning products in the bathroom, but it is not as good of an idea as we may initially think. The main rule a lot of professional organizers say when it comes to your cleaning items is to keep them all in the same vicinity. This means that you should generally make sure that they are all in the same place, and the bathroom is generally not the best choice.

Since the space in bathrooms is sometimes limited or you would have to put them in a corner somewhere, these cleaning products end up organized in a way where you cannot see them well. The idea behind keeping them all together is to be able to see them all together, and you will be able to see if you need to purchase replacements for some of them soon.

If you have the space, you can generally keep them there, but otherwise, it is good to keep them all in the same place and see if it makes sense for your lifestyle and needs. The way you clean as a mother with children is different from the way you clean as a retiree, and you should keep that in mind.

And keep in mind that there are some exceptions to this, since if you have a good shower, you would like to be able to clean it easily, so keeping the cleaner in the bathroom makes sense. Otherwise, try to keep them all in the same place. You may even avoid putting all sorts of bacteria on the bottles too!

Jewelry, hair and makeup products

Yes, you read that right! A lot of women end up doing their makeup in the bathroom, and the hair and jewelry are sometimes also stored there for easy accessibility to get ready. Yet, you should not only not be storing them there; you should also make sure they are not in the vicinity by default.

Not only do you want to keep your jewelry in your bedroom and probably somewhere safe if they are made from precious metals and stones, since in the bathroom they can get easily misplaced or lost, but if you have other types of jewelry, they can get rusty, oxidized, or moldy due to the moisture in the bathroom.

Likewise with the makeup, anything that is made out of powder can easily get ruined by the moisture and end up being moldy, and a lot of the hair equipment is electrical, so keeping it there is not a good idea overall.

Make sure you are keeping yourself safe, that you are not wasting money, and that you are keeping these types of products somewhere away from moisture, like the bathroom, and that you only bring them out when you need them to get ready.

never store in the bathroom
Image By Simone Hogan From Shutterstock

Toiletries you get from hotels

We are all tempted by the cute bottles, and a lot of them may even be from a good brand, good quality, or useful in other ways, so we end up collecting a number of the customary toiletries we get from hotels. Despite this, if you travel a lot, you end up with a ton of them, and let’s be honest, you are not going to be using them!

These cute little bottles and tiny soaps can end up taking up a lot of space in your cupboards, and in the long run, you do not know how long they have been in there. Not to mention, if you really do like one, it is going to get used up really fast. The best way to go is to buy reusable bottles, get your favorite shampoo, body wash, and even lotions in bulk, and reuse containers.

Keep the travel-sized toiletries you need for your next trip if you know you are not going to travel to a hotel or are going to only have small on-flight luggage with you, and then do something good with the rest of them. A lot of homeless shelters may accept them if they have not been opened already, and you can even end up having a local school or church collect them.

In the end, the best way to motivate you to declutter your bathroom out of these items that you are going to eventually throw away is to give them to someone who is in need of them!

There are multiple reusable options you can get online, and you can just buy your favorite soap and body wash in bulk so you can just refill and use less plastic in your home. These are some of our favorite ones to get from Amazon that make your bathroom look classy and luxurious!

Expired items

Yes, we know this is pretty broad, but when was the last time you thought about the expired items in your bathroom? There are lots of items that you use on your body or that you take that have been living in your bathroom for way too long, and at this point, they are a bacteria haven or they can potentially be dangerous.

Take a trip down memory lane and look through everything in the bath! Common things like makeup, lipstick, cleansers, toothpaste, sunscreen, and nail polish, just to name a few, have a very limited shelf life, and if you have opened them and not used them by the time they expire, you can end up with some pretty bad skin reactions.

To check if your toiletries are still in their best to-be-used date, look on the back of the products on the tiny container that will have a 3M, 6M, or 12M, etc., just to name a few on them. Those are the months you should be using it; after that, the company does not guarantee it is still safe to use.

A good idea is to throw out anything you cannot remember when you purchased it or when you last used it. Especially medicine that is not kept in airtight containers or plasters. You can easily ruin them.

And while you’re at it, if you have not changed your toothbrush in the last 3 months, upgrade it to a cleaning tool, and if you cannot remember when you bought your loofah, it is ready to go towards cleaning supplies as well. Those are generally collecting germs over time, and you need to change them more often than you think.

never store in the bathroom
Image By Africa Studio From Shutterstock

The laundry basket

This is the most convenient place to store the laundry basket, right? In reality, you should never store in the bathroom anything having to do with the hamper.

Think about it like this: it is easy to just throw your clothes in the hamper before you jump into the shower, but if you leave them there, you leave your whole laundry basket exposed to moisture, which can make your clothes moldy or just damp, and they can also pick up a smell because of it.

The best place for the hamper is somewhere in your closet or room, and if you do not have a lot of space, try to change the type of basket you have! There are a lot of fabric ones that you can put in tiny spaces since they are more malleable, or you can look for some of the skinny and tall ones that you can shimmy next to your dresser!

Look online for one that will fit your space, but believe us, the bath is not the place for it!

Since we have talked about cleaning products already, there are certain ones that are going to make cleaning your shower a breeze! If you have been looking for the perfect shower cleaner, read about the best ones recommended by cleaning professionals here!

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  1. Wonderful tips! Thank you! I had a lot of little hand creams and lotions so I grabbed a large lotion pump container and emptied all my spare lotions into it.
    What a space saver and didn’t waste a drop of my skin lotions. Aloha.

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