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7 Shocking Signs You Should Kiss Your Bathroom Towels Goodbye

Wipe and Organize presents: shocking signs you should kiss your bathroom towels goodbye!

You use your dear bathroom towels every day, so it’s not a surprise that they can get dirty over time or need to be laundered a lot, typically at higher temperatures than other things you put in the washing machine so that all bacteria and germs are taken care of.

But besides frequent washes, which can deteriorate the quality of your bathroom towels, do you know any other reasons why you should change them? Even if you invest in high-quality items, they’re still not created to last forever. So without further ado, let’s start with these signs you should get rid of your bathroom towels right now!

bathroom towels
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1. You have them for a few years

Do you remember when it was the last time you got some new fluffy and probably beautifully colored bath towels? If you can’t answer this question within a few seconds, chances are that you have had them for too long.

I asked some bath towel manufacturers about when it’s best to invest in new items for your bathroom, and they told me that if you take care of them properly and wash them when needed, your towels should last you for around 2 to even 5 years.

2. They’re scratchy

Do you remember when you first used your bathroom towels and they felt so luxurious, soft, fluffy, and simply great? If it’s been months or even years since you’ve enjoyed that cozy and fantastic sensation, it might be time for an upgrade.

You might notice that now your towels feel scratchy and not as nice as they used to, so the reason for all of that is the residue of detergents and body oils that build up within the fabric. The bigger the buildup, the more stiff and rough your towels will feel.

On the other hand, if you have some new towels but their texture changes after a few uses, it might be a sign that you should switch your laundry detergents or that you might have hard water.

3. Mildew spotting

Unfortunately, not all bathrooms are blessed with good ventilation, and that could cause trouble for your bathroom towels. Go and take a look at them, and if you see any mildew on their surface, it’s time to throw them out.

This issue might not be a one-time-only thing, so if you keep seeing annoying tiny spots on your towels, don’t forget to open your windows or turn on the fan in your bathroom, especially during and after you take a shower or bath.

Some people don’t have a window or a fan in their bathrooms, so if this is your case too, leave your door open, so you can reduce moisture and keep mildew at bay.

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4. They don’t absorb any more

What’s the purpose of your bathroom towels? To dry you off. If you notice that your trusted towels don’t do their job anymore and it’s taking you ages to dry off, you can blame your belongings for that, because it’s a sign they’re too old.

Towel manufacturers say that the best indicator that you should invest in some new items for your bathroom is a lack of fluffiness and a lack of absorbent qualities.

If you don’t have any bathroom towels that are amazing, fluffy, and cozy, I recommend you get these ones from Amazon, because they’re fantastic and they feel incredibly luxurious!

5. Fading colors

If your bathroom is rather neutral, a few colorful towels are exactly what you need to make it look joyful and fresh. Besides making your room look good and modern, the color of your towels is also an indicator that it’s time to kiss them goodbye.

Take a look at your bathroom towels and analyze their color. If it’s not as strong and vibrant as it used to be, or if it’s completely different, it’s a fantastic excuse to get some new ones.

Here’s a tip for you: if your trusted towels are white and you don’t plan on getting other ones anytime soon, you can still make them look fresh again by using bleach. This tip is more budget-friendly than replacing them altogether.

6. They have a lingering odor

When your towels are stinky, that’s not a good sign, and it doesn’t feel good for your body either. This could be caused by different reasons, such as body odors that come from the person using it, a bathroom that isn’t ventilated as it should be, or a simple old towel that needs to be kissed goodbye.

bathroom towels
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7. Rips and holes

As I’ve previously said, as much as you might like your bathroom towels, they’re not created to last a lifetime. If yours have holes or are ripped, they’re not fashionable, as a pair of jeans would be, but they should be replaced ASAP. If you’re not ready to kiss them goodbye, you can repurpose them for cleaning or for drying off your beloved pets.

Now that you know all the signs that tell you to invest in some new bathroom towels, we will discuss a bit about the criteria you need to keep in mind when getting new items, as well as how often to wash them!

Washing your bathroom towels

Your bath towels should be put in the washing machine every 3–4 days, so they can be fresh, clean, and ready to do their job. The more you use them, the more they should be cleaned, so that every germ and bacteria can be taken care of.

Don’t forget that the way you store your towels after using them is important for keeping them in good condition. So when they’re wet, hang them dry instead of leaving them bunched up, because they might get musty and stinky, and I don’t think you’re going to like that.

Purchasing bathroom towels

When you buy your bath towels online, you should pay attention to their grams per square meter (GSM), because towels that are more absorbent and fluffier tend to be thicker and heavier.

Other than that, it’s important to take the fiber they’re made of into consideration, because that’s the one that will give your items absorbency and durability.

If you go to a hotel or to the gym, you’ll notice that the towels they provide their guests with are made of polyester and cotton, and while this fabric combination is quicker to dry, it won’t absorb the water or the sweat on your body like just cotton would.

If you want something that is sustainable and durable, invest in 100% organic cotton bathroom towels because they’re softer, more luxurious, work wonders, and feel amazing on your skin.

Don’t forget to also check the fabric they’re made of, because many people are allergic to modal, and that’s a material that is not going to last you a long time either. There are quite a few chemicals that are used to process bamboo, and they’re not healthy for your health, and you surely won’t like them since they also shrink more than cotton.

What do you think about this article on signs you should replace your bathroom towels? Leave a comment down below and let me know! If you’d like to read something else from Wipe and Organize, here’s a fantastic article for you to check out next: 10 Cleaning Habits That Are Inviting Spiders Into Your Home

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