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10 Kitchen Cleaning Tips That Will Save You A Ton of Time

With these kitchen cleaning tips, you’ll finish the task in the blink of an eye! 

Your kitchen sees a lot of activity in a week, from spills and daily messes from cooking to dirty dishes. Given that it’s where you prepare your meals and receive the most visits to any room in the house, cleaning it regularly is even more crucial.

And don’t deny the fact that sometimes all you need is a magic wand to make everything clean by itself. Such a nice dream, right? Well, unfortunately, this is just a dream, but some kitchen cleaning tips will help you get everything done faster.

Since we love spending our free time doing other things rather than scrubbing inside the oven or washing a sink full of dishes, we’ve rounded up a few tricks on how to do the chores more efficiently and save you a bunch of hours.

kitchen cleaning tips
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1. Steam clean your dirty microwave

One of the best kitchen cleaning tips of all time is to remove the grease stains from your microwave with lemon and vinegar water. How do you do it? Let’s see. Instead of spending hours scrubbing every little spot from it, take a medium-sized lemon, cut it in half, squeeze it, then add a tablespoon of vinegar, and put the mixture in a thermo-resistant vase for a couple of minutes in the microwave. Let the steam do the hard work for you.

Allow the steam to build up within the appliance rather than opening it as soon as it beeps. Most of the dirt should come off easily after using a sponge to clean it off. Voila! Your microwave is spotless and looks like new.

2. Clean the inside of your dishwasher with vinegar

We already know that vinegar is one of the best ingredients that you must have in your kitchen. That’s why we included it on the list of the best kitchen cleaning tips. Besides being extremely efficient in cleaning almost everything in the house, even better than regular cleaning solutions, it’s also affordable.

If you have a dishwasher that’s running almost 5 days a week with a ton of very dirty dishes in it, it’s advised to clean it as often as possible since the dirt might build up very fast.

But this requires a lot of time to clean, and if you don’t have the necessary time to do it, the next time you wash the next batch of dishes, simply place a container of vinegar in the top rack to remove hard-water deposits.

Moreover, vinegar is also used by many people in their households to improve the water flow for faucets. Like your shower head, kitchen faucets can get pretty gunked up, and the difference is that these are way harder to clean. To ease your task, all you have to do is fill a bag with white vinegar, secure it to your kitchen faucet, let it soak, and then give it a last clean.

3. Polish your stainless steel sink surfaces with flour

Among the other kitchen cleaning tips we’ve mentioned previously, this one may sound a bit odd but we assure you it works very well! You can restore the shine on your stainless steel sink with flour. After the sink has been cleaned, dust the stainless steel surface with flour and rub it in circular motions. Remove any excess flour by wiping it out; otherwise, it might clog your pipes.

4.  Keep a bowl with warm and soapy water by the sink

A dirty fork becomes more difficult to clean the longer it is left unwashed mostly because food becomes more stubborn and dries. But cleaning your soiled cutlery would be a breeze if you wet it. Just be careful not to wet knives or spoons with wooden handles.

Before starting to follow our kitchen cleaning tips and re-organize everything in your space make sure your hands are protected! A lot of cleaning products contain ingredients that can harm your skin so it’s better to use a pair of reusable rubber gloves. There are many options on Amazon, but this one has a good rating and is affordable.

5. Make that awful smell from the garbage disposal disappear with lemons

Food particles may have been stuck in the garbage disposal’s blades if you smell something foul coming from it. Throwing ice cubes into the garbage disposal and running them through will help loosen the food. Add some lemon peels to help cover up the smells.

Another effective method to remove dirt and unpleasant odors from disposals is by using an old toothbrush. First, turn the flap inside out and soak it in a solution of anti-grease with a little lemon. Then, move the toothbrush around to eliminate any food particles.

6. Let your oven clean itself overnight

One of the best kitchen cleaning tips you’ll learn from the team at Wipe and Organize is how to clean your oven while you sleep. Yes, it’s true! Don’t even think about the auto-clean function. That hack is overrated, and it’s not even working properly because, in most cases, it can leave a funky smell in the whole kitchen.

Instead, mix 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup white vinegar, and 1/3 cup water to make a DIY spray bottle solution. After the oven has cooled, take off the grates and apply the coating inside, being careful not to get any of the substance near the heating components.

Once the mixture has been applied, shut the oven door and leave it to do its magic for a minimum of 12 hours.

kitchen cleaning tips
Photo by Leka Sergeeva from Shutterstock

7. Use dishwasher pods to clean the stubborn grease from baking sheets

On the list of amazing kitchen cleaning tips, we couldn’t step away from one of the most important ones. Cleaning the baking sheets is never an easy task. That’s why everything that can help us do the job more easily is a real blessing.

Combining the efficacy of a dishwasher tab with hot water is a simple method for thoroughly cleaning your baking sheets every time.

8. Set your slow cooker to clean itself

Something worth adding to your kitchen cleaning tips is this hack about how to clean your slow cooker. Your slow cooker is self-cleaning, much like your blender or oven. All you need to do is fill it with water, vinegar, and baking soda and turn it on. It will burn off any debris that has become trapped and save you a ton of time spent cleaning.

9. Wipe the range hood with a bit of oil

It may sound like counterintuitive advice, but it’s one of the best kitchen cleaning tips! The grease from the range hood makes it difficult to clean with regular sprays as dust accumulates on the surface over time. But we have a solution for you! Vegetable oil is one of the greatest tricks for cleaning kitchen stoves. To remove filth, just apply a few drops to a cloth or paper towel and wipe the surface rigorously.

10. Set a timer

When it comes to housework, nothing gets your hands and feet going faster than a ticking timer. Setting a timer on your phone helps you get into the swing of things, whether you have a massive mess from the party to clean up after dinner or you simply need a boost of motivation. Your goal of finishing before the timer sounds will prevent you from putting off finishing and will help you stay focused on completing as soon as you can.

Which of these kitchen cleaning tips do you use for your household? Tell us in the comments section.

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