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Top Best 10 Summer Cleaning Tips for a Squeaky Clean House

These are the best summer cleaning tips you’ll ever find! 

… ahh summer! It’s probably one of the best seasons, mostly because we go on vacation, spend more time outside doing things that we enjoy, and the sun is up until 8 p.m. With this enthusiasm going, home cleaning is most probably the last thing on the list of worries.

But let me tell you a secret: Summer is probably the best time of the year to deep clean your home, even if the entire process is daunting and boring. With the help of the warm weather, longer days, and these amazing summer cleaning tips, you will get the job done in less time than you expect! Now, grab your cleaning supplies, put some gloves on, and let’s get started.

summer cleaning
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Establish a system

Establishing a system that works for you is crucial when you start seasonal cleaning. Spend some time making a cleaning timetable for yourself and every member of the household, as well as a cleaning strategy. Making checklists for every area of your house that include the things you need to declutter or clean will also be helpful.

Using checklists can help you make sure you don’t overlook any crucial cleaning duties. Finally, remember to set up a system of rewards for your family and yourself. Everyone will remain more motivated as a result, and cleaning will be more fun.

Start room by room

Now, if you have a list of the things you want to clean, it’s time to move on to the next step of the summer cleaning tips. The kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house and the center of the house, so start there. Start by clearing up clutter and getting rid of things you don’t need. Next, give every countertop, cabinet, and appliance a wipe. Remember to mop the floors after sweeping them.

After this, go to the next room on the list; in my case, it would be the living room, because the kitchen is the second place where we spend most of our time. Start by organizing everything you have in the closets and cabinets and throwing away or donating all the stuff you don’t use anymore.

Be sure to take extra care when handling the bedroom linens, including blankets, pillows, and bed sheets. Lastly, remember to keep the restrooms clean. Wash and sanitize toilets, showers, bathtubs, and sinks. Mop and sweep the bathroom floors in addition to wiping down any other surfaces.

Organize the fridge

One of the most important summer cleaning tips is to prepare your refrigerator to make room for fresh produce and all those delicious barbecue leftovers. Use roll-out refrigerator bins to group small things together in your fridge; remove the wrapping from multipacks of beverages and single-serve yogurts; Don’t forget to check the expiration dates for each product, and if anything is past its prime, toss it in the trash can.

After you do this, wipe each surface of your fridge with a wet cloth, and if you have removable shelves, you can also wash them with warm water and dish detergent.

Clean the air conditioner filter

It’s summer, so most likely you’re going to use your AC quite a lot throughout the day. Before you do that, because the device was dormant for a couple of months, it’s very important to clean its filters.

A dirty and dust-filled air conditioner may not run as efficiently or, worse, may malfunction and cause you great discomfort during the sweltering summer months. All you need to do is use a vacuum or warm, soapy water to clean the filter.

Dust from top to bottom

Taking care of the dusk in our home is very important in every season, but especially during the summer when you leave the windows and the front door open for a longer time, you will notice that dusk accumulates much faster.

While you make your summer cleaning list of chores, don’t forget to add the dust. Dust the tops of cupboards and shelves first, then the middle, and finally the bottom. Any remaining dust will then fall to the ground and be swept away, preventing it from accumulating.

Use proper cleaning solutions, like Endust, for wooden surfaces. This spray is multisurface, and it’s very efficient for electronics, cabinets, countertops, paneling, and furniture. It’s only $18.99 on Amazon.

Clean your outdoor furniture

When it’s time for summer cleaning, you know it’s time to clean all that wicker furniture you put away during the winter season. However, cleaning might be difficult because of its fine pattern.

Remove as much surface debris as possible using a brush or vacuum while cleaning wicker composed of bamboo, rattan, or willow. Next, use a gentle brush and soapy water infused with one or two teaspoons of ammonia to clean the wicker. Thoroughly rinse the fabric and allow it to air dry in the sun. Just wipe down the wicker composed of grass or twisted paper with a moist towel.

TIP: To avoid wasting all the hours of summer cleaning on the outdoor furniture only to re-do the task over and over again, try to keep the wicker as tidy as possible by purchasing covers for them. 

summer cleaning
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Clean grill grates

On your way to do the summer cleaning spree, stop for your grill as well! And if you want to get the job done without any headaches or hours of scratching while dealing with old remnants from previous meals, you have to try this method.

It’s been tested by yours truly, and I have to say I’d definitely recommend it to a friend because it did wonders for my summer grill. While the grill is heating up, cut a lemon in half and rub it with a generous amount of salt in a bowl.

After that, apply it over the grates with a long-handled fork. The salt works as a scrubber, while the acid in the lemon will cut through grease.

Keep bugs away from your countertops

During the summer, you’re not the only one who takes advantage of longer days and warm temperatures. Unfortunately, this is the season where ants, bugs, mosquitoes, and other creepy crawlies thrive as well.

Even if you don’t willingly invite them into your home, they will come. And what’s the most supervised place for them? Your kitchen counters, of course. Include on your summer cleaning list of things the daily task of sweeping and cleaning the kitchen after every cook or meal.

You may see it as a hassle, but it will pay off big time in the long run. It will also help if you put some fly traps in and out of the house. I used these from Amazon; I started the second package this summer, and I have to admit they are pretty efficient. Worth a try!

Wash your linens weekly

This one isn’t exactly part of summer cleaning, but it’s advised to do it. Sweat, bugs, and other things can make sleeping harder during the warm season. That’s why it’s important to vacuum your mattress once a week, as well as replace the linens.

The easiest way to dry sheets and blankets is to put them outside in the sun to air dry. Allow pillows to sit outside for a few hours as well. Even if you don’t wash them as easily as your linens and blankets, pillows can get a “refresh” by simply taking them outside for a couple of hours every morning.

Refresh the towels

In the process of this whole summer cleaning, you might forget about an important item from your home, which is your towels. Especially during the scorching summer days, towels kept in a closet or hung out to dry in the bathroom can develop a funky smell.  To prevent this from happening, wash your towels in hot water and add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the rinse cycle.

Don’t forget that during the summer cleaning, it’s also good to freshen up your garage! For a few organizational tips, we suggest you check out 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Organizing a Garage

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