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Experts Say You’re Not Cleaning These 12 Areas in Your Bathroom

These are the most common areas we forget to clean (bathroom only!):  

It’s that time of the week for bathroom cleaning. Ugh! The majority of us do our best to always remember to disinfect the toilet bowl, wipe down the surfaces, and scrub the tub. We even make a list to avoid every single area we must clean.

However, are you really picking up all the dirt? When you’re cleaning, it’s so easy to forget about some spots, and it looks fairly disgusting to ignore them. Cleaning experts say that regardless of our best efforts, there are a few places that are frequently disregarded. These are the most common areas we forget to clean while it’s bathroom cleaning day!

areas we forget to clean, bathroom cleaning
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1. Bathtub drain

One of the first areas we forget to clean while doing the bathroom cleaning spree is the bathtub drain. It might seem surprising, but according to experts, most of us overlook cleaning it throughout.

Shampoo, hair, and soap all make this little metal disk incredibly gunky, and too much filth can jam it. It is advised by experts that we start with boiling water and then add baking soda on top. Try cleaning it again with some vinegar and hot water if the filth is too difficult to remove. Thoroughly clean the metallic disk, and if fortune favors you and it can be removed, swiftly place it in the dishwasher.

It will look brand new after this procedure!

2. The showerhead

You probably regularly clean the shower’s base, but it’s unlikely that you’ve given the showerhead any thought. And, to be honest, I tend to overlook it too! Because water deposits can accumulate inside the showerhead over time and cause a decrease in water pressure, take off the showerhead and immerse it in a solution of vinegar and water for approximately half an hour to prevent this.

After taking it out of the bag, put it back into the shower and clean any last traces with a soft-bristled brush. So, next time you’re starting the bathroom cleaning, don’t forget about the showerhead too!

3. Toothbrush and toothpaste holder

You do, after all, most likely change your toothbrush every three months. However, you could be ignoring the holder. Since you can’t exactly put a wall-mounted appliance in the dishwasher, clean it with some hot water and a little elbow grease rather than letting it get filthy. Mouthwash works well for quickly cleaning the holder.

In the process of bathroom cleaning, don’t forget to stock up on the best cleaning products! I use Scrubbing Bubbles, and it works wonders. Plus, it has an amazing price of just $4.88 on Amazon. If I were you, I’d hurry up; the stock won’t last forever.

4. Grout lines

On the list of areas we forget to clean, we can easily include the grout lines. Frankly, when you clean the bathroom, one of the last things you usually think about is probably cleaning and removing all the debris from the grout lines. Naturally, this area is ignored until the grout is noticeably soiled and unsightly, at which point cleaning becomes inconvenient and daunting as well.

When you clean your grout lines, make it a point to give them a short scrub to prevent dirt, mildew, and soap scum from building up to an unbearable level.

5. Shower curtains and their rods

When it comes to routinely cleaning your bathroom, shower curtains, and curtain rods are easy to overlook, but they should most definitely be on the list. Shower curtains and liners can accumulate soapy residue and mold over time if they are neglected, which can give the bathroom an unpleasant smell.

The majority of fabric shower curtains are machine washable and can be tossed in the laundry with your other towels. Once you enter the bathroom for your cleaning binge, you may do this task. Clean grime and soap residue from most types of rods using a moist towel. However, you’ll need to utilize steel wool or aluminum foil together with white vinegar if you find yourself dealing with rust on a stainless rod.

Tear tiny squares of foil, soak them in vinegar, and then use a gentle scrubber to remove rust spots.

6. Switchplates

How recently have you cleaned or dusted the switch plates in your bathroom? Perhaps it’s time to add this chore to the list of bathroom cleaning duties! Use a sponge and bathroom cleaning spray to remove particles and dust.

Take off the switch covers and give them a good cleaning with some soap and water if they seem bad. Make sure they are completely dry before putting them back.

areas we forget to clean, bathroom cleaning
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7. Cabinets and drawers (on the inside)

We don’t blame you if it has been a while since you swept out your bathroom cabinets and gave your cupboards and drawers a thorough cleaning, but the truth is that they can get pretty cluttered very fast. You know how often it happens!

To avoid this and keep a tidy space in the bathroom, start by decluttering and sorting, and then give everything a thorough cleaning and, if necessary, a scrape.

8. The bin

It will be easier to keep your trash basket clean if you line it with a bag; otherwise, you’ll need to put more effort into tidying this container. Larger containers can be washed in a utility sink, but smaller ones may be put in the dishwasher. Sticky areas can be removed using dish soap, a toothbrush, or a textured sponge. If necessary, use a bathroom cleaning spray after rinsing with warm water. Let it dry naturally!

9. Handles

Handles are probably one of the most overlooked items in the bathroom even if we use it daily. Knobs and pulls that might be rife with germs are the consequence of clumsy hands reaching for doors and drawers. Use hot water with soap or a mild disinfectant to get rid of any stubborn dirt in these areas.

10. Behind the toilet

Although cleaning the toilet’s inside is essential to maintaining a clean bathroom, many individuals often neglect to clean the area surrounding the toilet. This occurs as a result of these locations’ difficulty of access.
Experts advise regularly cleaning the region with a disinfectant cleanser or a natural solution like vinegar and water to prevent the growth of bacteria.

11. The toilet tank

Similarly, after cleaning the toilet bowl and lid, people frequently forget to clean the toilet tank. Remember to thoroughly clean the toilet tank as well. It serves as a landing place for germs and toilet spray, but it may also hold dust and filth. Experts advise cleaning the region at least once a week using a microfiber cloth and disinfecting solution.

12. Vents

If the vents get blocked with dust and other rubbish, they won’t function accordingly. Furthermore, mold development might occur since the humidity in the bathroom won’t be able to evaporate. As part of your bathroom cleaning routine, be sure to clean them or use a little attachment to vacuum them.

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  1. My grout in the bathroom is real dirty and discolored, and old. You please advise the best way to get it back clean, as in your article you did not advise.

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