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3 Best Shower Cleaners Professionals Swear By!

Have you ever wondered what are the best shower cleaners?

When it comes to the best shower cleaners, the best way to go about them is to think about what you need and then pick the best cleaner that would solve your issues!

With bathroom cleaning, you need to make sure that you can keep everything clean and fairly dry, as you do not want to end up getting mold, and since we do splash around quite a lot of water when we shower, it is the prime spot for mold to start appearing!

This is why you should have a shower cleaner that will both be suitable for your type of bathroom and shower since all surfaces have different needs, but also one that would be good against any bacteria, mold, and viruses that could lurk in our bathrooms without us knowing!

To help you find the perfect shower cleaners for your needs, we have asked professional cleaners about what makes each shower cleaner different and unique and which ones they would recommend for different purposes! Make sure to keep reading to get informed and discover the best products on the market!

Maybe you already have a favorite shower cleaner! Did you see it on our list? Any answers and thoughts you may have on this topic, please leave them in the comments below!

best shower cleaners
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Types of shower cleaners

While all shower cleaners may seem to be good at the same thing, they all vary in usage and what they are targeting. Not to mention, they come in different textures, and they all have their own specific surface or surfaces they can tackle. Some of them are good for all types of surfaces, while others may end up not doing much on others.

The best shower cleaners come in three different types, and they are good at the following:

  • Multipurpose cleaners: these are probably the most common types of shower cleaners you see on the shelves in stores. They are great when it comes to cleaning efficiently; they generally do great with all types of surfaces, and they help you get rid of bacteria and viruses lurking around. However, not all may be the most effective on glass surfaces, and against stubborn deposits, they are not always strong enough.
  • Foaming cleanser: these are shower cleaners that will cover a variety of surfaces, and they are great at breaking apart build-up grime, rust, soap scum, and many other stubborn debris! You can generally use them on most parts of your bathroom, from the tile and flooring to the fixtures. The one place where they may not excel on glass, but they are still better than nothing!
  • Glass cleaners: when it comes to your shower door, everyone has one of these shower cleaners. The dedicated ones are the best ones you can use, and there is a trick to getting spotless shower glass! You clean it first with a foam cleanser, rinse and dry, then use the glass cleaner. Believe us, it does the trick!

Now that we have the basics covered, keep reading to discover the best shower cleaners, according to professionals!

best shower cleaners
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1. Best foaming (and affordable) shower cleaner: Mega Shower Foamer from Scrubbing Bubble

Scrubbing Bubble’s Mega Shower Foamer is one of the best cleaners on the market that also has the best perk that not a lot of the most popular shower cleaners on the market have: it is also really affordable.

This is one of the ones that is not only budget-friendly, but also does a great job when it comes to cleaning multiple surfaces in your home, especially the shower area.

Not only is this a foaming cleaner, but it is cut out to be able to get rid of all the soap scum accumulated in the corners of your shower, along with any pink slime you may be having around there (yes, it is a type of mold). For the best results with this type of shower cleaner, you will have to leave it to sit for a few minutes (at least 5 if not longer) so that all the debris starts to break down.

What makes it a great product is the fact that it can be used on more surfaces and is affordable. The smell has been said to be enjoyed by most people who have used it, and people have been using it for years.

Some cons that exist with this shower cleaner are that you may have to leave it to sit for longer than anticipated to work, which may be annoying to many. However, given its great price, having to wait about 30 minutes at most for all the grime to dissolve is not the end of the world!

2. Best multipurpose shower cleaner: Family Guard Disinfectant Cleaner

Since we have already mentioned multipurpose shower cleaners, we have to talk about one that is going to be your one-and-done product if you do not want to worry about having to purchase multiple products in order to clean your shower.

The Johnson’s Family Guard Disinfectant Cleaner is one of the best shower cleaners on the market, but professionals have told us that it is way more than just that.

They have successfully been using this product on the likes of grout, shower tiles, and fixtures for years when it comes to the specific shower part, but it has also expanded to toilet seats, sink bowls, vanity tops (including laminate ones), quart counters, and doorknobs, just to name a few!

This cleaner is super efficient and loved by many, as it has been clinically tested and proven effective against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on most nonporous surfaces when used as detailed in the instructions!

What’s more, it can also be used by people who are susceptible to allergic reactions, as it has little chance of ending up giving you a bad reaction. The Family Guard brand has been specifically formulated as a line of cleaners that is safe to be used in households with small children and pets, along with people who can get allergic reactions, even in small spaces like a shower stall!

Other pros of this shower cleaner include the fact that it can be used outside of the bathroom as well; the scent is not overpowering but still leaves everything smelling clean; and it is effective against the most common colds, along with the flu and COVID!

One con that people found with the product is the fact that it can sometimes not be the best when it comes to very old grime and hard water stains.

best shower cleaners
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3. Best (natural) glass cleaner: Aunt Fannie’s Glass & Window

One of the best shower cleaners on the market when it comes to glass is Aunt Fannie’s Glass & Window. Not only is it one of the best cleaners for your shower doors and bathroom mirrors, but it is also a natural one that is not going to give you too many problems.

If anything, the worry that comes with accidentally getting cleaner on your skin when you are cleaning disappears with this product.

All of the Aunt Fannie products are formulated with vinegar, which gives them a great cleaning power that not a lot of natural cleaners have, and they are great if you have been looking for a more natural line when it comes to cleaning your home.

Some of the pros that a lot of professionals and customers have found when using this product include the fact that it is natural and is based on vinegar, along with the fact that it also works on tiles and grout. You can get a streak-free finish just by wiping the glass surface with a squeegee or clean cloth!

However, when it comes to the cons, you need to be aware that the vinegar smell is there, and you will have to get used to it. Despite this, we think it is worth the accommodation period!

Cleaning can be as easy as just wiping away dirt, as long as you have the appropriate cleaners on hand. However, if you end up throwing the wrong items down the drain, you may end up not being able to clean them anymore. If you want to make sure you are not throwing away the wrong items, make sure you read this article on the matter!

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