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Home Cleaning: Get Rid of These 18 Items if Your House Is Driving You Nuts

Did someone say home cleaning? If your house drives you crazy, here are the things you should get rid of NOW!

Here’s something you should know about me: I’m not a minimalist, but I hate clutter. I recently went to my mother’s place, and I felt claustrophobic the entire time I was there.

She lives in a small apartment, and she has several things displayed around, such as clothes hanging on her couch, bags and bags of tea leaves on the kitchen floor, huge amounts of towels in the bathroom, and the list can go on.

For me, that apartment was in a much-needed home cleaning session, and something tells me that it’s not the only one. If you have a mess around your home, there’s a high chance that you feel crowded, restless, out of focus, and simply bad.

You probably know that, but a messy home equals a messy mind, because when you have more things than you actually need, you put them in the first place you find empty, but that’s going to add on, and before you know it, dusting feels like a chore, and you’re angrier than ever.

That’s what a crowded place can do to you. So if you need to tackle a home cleaning session ASAP, I’ve put together a list of items you should get rid of so that you can have a clean and fresh home and a clear mind. And yes, I’m going to share it with my mother too.

So without further ado, here’s what you have to throw away to make the most of this home cleaning activity! You’ll feel better, trust me!

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1. Old paperwork

I’m guilty as charged with this one because the desk I’m now writing from is full of old paperwork. So let’s make this home cleaning session as productive as possible by eliminating all those useless things you might have.

Unless it’s necessary tax information or any other documentation you might need sooner or later, there’s no point in keeping stuff from past work.

It only takes up space and gathers dust, so throw away your used papers, pads, folders, or any other things that don’t serve you anymore. If you have old business cards, take a couple of minutes to add those contacts to your phone, and then toss them.

2. Old cords and chargers

Indeed, you shouldn’t throw away your gadgets in regular bins, but if there are plenty of old charges, cords, or other devices lying in your home without a purpose, it’s time to take them to a special place or store where they can rest for the rest of their lives.

What’s great about downsizing your gadget collection is that you can purchase new items, such as smartphones, computer mice, or monitors with a discount only by giving away an older version. Isn’t that great? Check Walmart, Target, and BestBuy to see if they have any offers because you might save some money besides a much-needed home cleaning hour.

3. Worn-out bedding

Experts say that you should change your bed sheets every week, or every other week at least, because you don’t want to sleep with lots of layers of dead skin, especially if you suffer from skin problems such as acne or rosacea.

However, if the bedding you have isn’t in top condition and you have had it for years and years and it also has holes in it, it’s time to invest in a new set. If you don’t want to get rid of these items during your home cleaning session, you can take them to an animal shelter, because I’m pretty sure they can be of good use there.

4. Old pillows

I don’t know about you, but I suffer from allergies, and I can’t sleep on old pillows that are stuffed with goose down. They make me sneeze and blow my nose every five minutes, and I got rid of all of them in my last home cleaning session.

Whether you suffer from allergies or have too many pillows that you can’t even remember when you got them, it might be time to invest in new ones. But this home cleaning session doesn’t end with your sleeping pillows, because if your living room or bedroom is crowded with throw pillows, you can do a good deed and donate them or sell them online.

If you’re looking for a comfortable pillow that is going to support you and give you a good night’s rest, this one from Amazon is absolutely fantastic! It’s hypoallergenic too, so make sure you check this offer out because it comes in a set of two, which is great!

5. Mangled or broken hangers

If you have hangers that can’t serve their purpose, why keep them in your wardrobe in the first place? This home cleaning session is all about getting rid of things that don’t serve you in any way, so go to your closet, grab all those broken or mangled hangers, and put them in the trash can.

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6. Broken or old jewelry

Let’s be honest here: do you have any broken or old jewelry somewhere in a box, hidden in a place you don’t reach that often? You probably tell yourself that you plan on wearing those things when the time is right, but that never comes, so you’re stuck with items that only make your home feel cluttered.

Stop and take them to a jeweler for repairs, give them to someone in the family, donate them, or sell them on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Poshmark, garage sales, or any other place you have access to. As we all know, somebody’s trash can be someone else’s treasure, so why not make some money out of this?

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7. Condiments and takeout napkins or cutlery

This home cleaning session isn’t all about throwing things away. If you feel wasteful throwing out particular items, such as takeout cutlery or napkins, you could store them in a drawer to use when you’re having a picnic.

It’s a different story with spices and condiments because, while they might not hurt you if they’re expired, they’re not going to give your food any flavor either. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, so make sure you take some time to clean your pantry and get rid of those old spices to make room for fresh and tasty ones.

8. Party supplies and old birthday candles

If you have birthday candles or any party supplies from the last few years, you already know that they tend to end up mashed at the bottom of a random drawer in your kitchen.

Of course, if you use them in the following year and don’t waste them, that’s good, but if you keep them in a forgotten drawer and can’t even remember where you put them, just empty your drawer the next time you have a home cleaning session.

9. Plastic bags

While plastic bags can indeed be helpful when you go to the grocery store, you might risk forgetting about them if you store them in your bottom drawer somewhere in the kitchen or your pantry.

It’s best to use reusable bags, so you’re friendlier with the environment, and while the majority of recycling services won’t accept your plastic bags, you can still get rid of them in a responsible manner.

Just go to different grocery stores in your neighborhood and ask them if they can take your plastic bags and recycle them. If you don’t want to do that, you can use them until they’re not good anymore.

10. Old newspapers and magazines

Are you a magazine collector? If the answer to this question is no, then it’s time for some serious home cleaning! It’s nice and fun to flip through a magazine from time to time, but if you have plenty of old ones that aren’t important for you or only gather dust, it’s a smart idea to sell them.

You can never know when you could make some money thanks to them, so why not make a profit instead of living in a cluttered home? If you need more home cleaning tips, keep reading, because we have plenty more!

11. Worn-out towels

You certainly use towels every day, so there’s a big possibility that they can wear out after a while. You might notice that they can’t absorb water as efficiently as they used to, and the material might get so worn out that you’ll have rips and holes in them. If that’s the case, you know what you should do: get rid of them!

12. Mismatched socks

This home cleaning activity is going to make you feel a lot better in the end, so bear with me, because it’s totally worth it! Let’s talk about socks for a while, because I don’t know what’s with them, but is almost impossible to not miss one.

If you haven’t been able to find a sock match in the last couple of months, it’s safe to say that you’re probably not going to find it anytime soon. So instead of mixing and matching your socks, you should get rid of those who aren’t a pair anymore, and if you have any items that are too old to be worn, kiss them goodbye!

13. Hotel toiletries

Is there a traveler who can’t be bothered to steal hotel soaps, shampoos, and other toiletries? Probably yes, but I don’t know any of these people. You might take those complimentary things home, but if you put them in the bottom drawer and forget about them, are you really winning?

If those products are still up to use and you have a guest bathroom, put them there for people to use. But if they’re expired, throw them away ASAP, because they’re not going to benefit anyone.

Donate them to a shelter if you have too many and don’t plan on using them anytime soon. You’ll do a good deed, someone will be happy to have some nice things, and you’ll be friendlier with the environment, which is always a plus.

Keep reading, we have many other home cleaning tips for you!

14. Expired prescriptions

Your home cleaning session also means getting rid of those expired drugs and medical equipment that you no longer use. You shouldn’t throw them in your regular trash can because they can cause more harm than good, so the best way to dispose of them is to take them to a pharmacy or other dedicated facility.

Let’s say that you have lots of prescriptions that are still good to use, but you’re not going to. In this case, you can go to a local charity or nearby hospital and donate them. I’m pretty sure there are many people who would enjoy these, so it’s a great opportunity to do this.

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15. Broken furniture

Home cleaning means not holding on to broken furniture. Even if you have furniture pieces that are in fairly good condition but don’t use them anymore, whether because they have a broken leg or the cushion is no longer there, they make your home feel and look cluttered, so it’s best to let them go.

You can make a couple of repairs to give them their good condition back, so you can sell them to make a profit that is going to come in handy when replacing that object. Of course, if you have extra furniture pieces and don’t plan on making the most of them, just donate them, and you’ll enjoy more space.

16. Old makeup and skincare

We continue with these home cleaning tips because there are quite a few things to talk about, especially when it comes to skincare and makeup products. Each one of these items has an expiration date written on the packaging, so for best results, you should follow that.

If you’ve been handing on the same foundation or night cream for the last two years, your makeup and skincare bag need a quick refresh because you risk developing unwanted skin conditions, such as acne.

Go to your bathroom and vanity, and let’s tackle this easy and important home cleaning task: toss any expired products, including that lip liner or nail polish that you tried once and never touched again.

If you want to do something good for the animal kingdom, you could save your mascara wands, give them a good clean, and take them to programs that accept clean and dry ones to remove bugs from baby animals’ fur. One program that does something like this is the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge’s Wands for Wildlife, so check it out.

17. Broken sports equipment

Do you want to have a clean and spacious garage? Then it’s time to listen closely to these home cleaning tips because they’re going to help you! With that being said, if you have any damaged sports equipment, such as flat basketballs, snapped lacrosse sticks, or damaged shoulder pads, it might be time to kiss them goodbye.

On the other hand, if you have some items and they’re in pretty good condition, but you can’t use them because you don’t have time, you don’t enjoy that particular sport, or you’re way too tired for that, you can donate them to a shelter, sell them online or at a garage sale, or give them to someone in your family because there’s no point in making your garage cluttered with things you never use.

18. Clothes that don’t fit

We’re almost done with these home cleaning tips, but we have to say something about a topic that can be pretty sensitive for some people. Take a look at your wardrobe and analyze all the items you have.

Try them on, see how you like them and how they fit, and if you don’t love them or need them, there’s no point in holding on to them. Many people make the mistake of keeping clothing items that don’t fit them just because they think that they’ll be motivated to lose weight.

I did that too, and I wasted years of my life trying all sorts of crash diets just to fit into a particular blouse or dress. If you like something, just get it in the right size for you, rock it, and be happy, but try to be mindful and serious during this home cleaning session. If you need any other tips on organizing your home, don’t forget that we’re here with you all the time!

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